Napping Issues With Twins At 21 Months

by Marni

We are having the hardest time getting our boy girl 21 month old twins to nap....they just jump around in their cribs for 1-2 hours. Or, if we let them just get tired, they seem to get really frantic...any ideas? They share a room (we do not have another room to separate them) and each has their own crib.

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Aug 08, 2009
Music Helps...
by: Anonymous

Try putting a small cd player in their room and play soft classical music, mozart, or something soothing like the wave and nature sounds cd. And try some darker curtains on their window.

Also, what helped me was to have a good play time and snack, but try not to stimulate them too much 20-30 min before you lay them down, so they are not too excitable. Whatever you do, DONT lay down with them, or you will be having to lay down for their naps for the next two yrs!

Mar 18, 2009
Same Problem
by: Kellie

I have actually had this same problem with my twin boys and they are 2 1/2. What I did was:

#1 Put them down for naps at a later time.
#2 Feed them right before their naps.
#3 Designate a time to get them up whether or not they fell asleep.
#4 Try to keep them awake until bedtime if they didn't sleep for their nap.

This seemed to help in getting them back on track and on the same schedule. They also sleep in the same room in separate cribs.

Hope this helps! :-)

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