No Symptoms With Twins! Is this normal?

by Rainey
(United States)

I'm 8 weeks pregnant with twins. I have felt fine (normal). Everyone is constantly asking about 'How do I feel?' I have to respond with, "I don't feel pregnant yet". Has anyone else experienced this? It worries me b/c there are two babies, so I feel like to should be "feeling some signs" at this point.

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Apr 03, 2019
i have no clue....
by: Anonymous

i am 5 weeks and have an appointment this friday for my first ultrasound. i feel like i am having twins. i don't have any morning sickness, i do have mild cramping everyday since the week of implantation and sore nipples instead of entire breast.. my stomach looks about 5 months at times then somedays i look about 3-4 months, but its still really noticeable to be early in the pregnancy. could i be having twins??? also, I've had weird flutter feelings

May 27, 2018
by: Jlo

Went to the er today due to cramping the dr check my uterus and said I was 4 weeks but my uterus feels like I’m more like 12 he said it was enlarged...I’ve been thinking that maybe I was prego with twins because I’m so tired than I was with my other three my face has been really bumpy when normally my skin is clear plus although I’m just barely 4weeks I look more like I’m 3 months there is definitely something different with this pregnancy can’t wait to find out

Jan 12, 2018
No symptoms
by: Anonymous

I"m 9 weeks with no symptoms is this normal?

Nov 02, 2016
in the same boat as well
by: Anonymous

in the same boat as well.

Jan 09, 2016
dont worry
by: Anonymous

im 12 weeks with my first set of twins but my 4th pregnancy and i have felt fine although a little more hungry and a tad bloated also has some swelling in my feet but its also very hot and humid here which doesnt help hopefully well all be fine and have cute little twins :)

Jan 07, 2014
8 weeks with twins and no sickness
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the posts . I am 8 weeks with twins I do not feel different at all and I am worried. This is my second pregnancy and with my son I was sick all the time. The only thing is I have had light cramping in the first few weeks. Everyone tells me not to worry but it's hard not to. I just pray that all is ok

Oct 27, 2013
by: MJJ

It can be very normal. Say a little thanks and relax. You might want to make up a few symptoms so that your friends with singletons who are having a lot of morning sickness won't be too jealous. When the babies come, you'll know you were pregnant with twins. There's no escaping two newborns.

Jul 14, 2013
First pregnancy twins!
by: Anonymous

I am 8 weeks pregnant. Check up is Tommrow. Feeling
A little tired. And water bloat. Not really hungry
But no real symptoms. Kinda nervous about not
Feeling anything . Saw two little sacks and heartbeats at 5
Weeks. Praying for a good pregnacy and healthy

Feb 03, 2013
answering a comment
by: MB

To the person that said "you should be tired, tired, tired". Every pregnancy is not the same. Every mom is different.

Dec 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

This is my 6th pregnancy, all were singleton's. I was never sick for any of them, but extremely tired. I was still nursing my almsot 3 year old when I got pregnant this last time.I went to see my OB at 9 weeks, he then tells me my uterus is too large to be just only 9 weeks, (my LMP is correct because I mark everything down in my calender), that it could be twins. Well we discussed the chances of this happening and I am at rish for twins, I breastfed when I get pregnant, I am between ages 35-40, 38 to be exact, have had several prior pregnancies, ate alot of sweet potatos, and am tall and slim. So I got home and did my own research, it's all true...I have had neausa all day with this pregnancy, no vomiting, I am not even tired like I was with the others, I am showing and have been since I was 4 weeks, which I never showed for any of the others til I was at least 4 months. I laid down in bed last night probing my stomach, I felt one little hard sac on the right lower side, and one on the left lower side. I don't soo my high risk Dr for another 2 weeks and the anticipation is killing me!!! lol. So to answer your question, this is my 6th pregnancy, and not all are the same. Although I do firmly believe I am carrying twins, I overall feel great.

Jun 03, 2011
I felt the same way
by: Anonymous

The entire time I was pregnant I never felt pregnant! I had a great pregnancy. Every time I went to the doctor I would ask him shouldn't I be sick or feel like crap?? He just kept telling me im fine and that I was one of the lucky ones! My babies are now 8 months old. Its still early on in your pregnancy so take the days you feel good and realx!!

Feb 04, 2011
31 weeks with twins
by: Anonymous

I am 31 weeks with twins and still feel no signs. I felt great with my singleton pregnancy and feel great with my twin pregnancy! Every person is different. Listen to your body and do what you can handle :) Enjoy the pregnancy!

Feb 01, 2011
enjoy it!
by: Anonymous

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with fraternal b/g twins. I didn't start feeling any different until I started showing around 9 weeks. I had no morning sickness, I was tired by the end of the day but not much more than normal. I have felt great. I have recently started noticing the swelling in my feet and occasionally have a little back pain. All i can say is enjoy feeling good, even though it is a little nerve wracking. This is my first pregnancy and I have been able to enjoy it.

Jan 28, 2011
Didn't feel much different till approx 18 weeks
by: Anonymous

I didn't feel much different than with my singleton till I was 18 weeks pregnant. I suddenly became alot more hungry at that point, seemed to be showing more/ larger, and have more pressure than with my first.

Jun 28, 2010
Great Check-up
by: Rainey

I was so worried & ready for my 8 weeks check up! We went and everything is great. Both of the heartbeats were great:) I'm so happy! I am now just really thankful that I've felt to well! I'm in my 9th week, so we'll see what the next few weeks have in store for me(hopefully no sickness!) Thanks for the comments everyone!!

Jun 26, 2010
no symptoms
by: Valerie

I am 13 weeks and have felt pretty great as well. (few moments of throwing up but that has only started recently) otherwise...feeling great as well. I think it's perfectly normal. I am sure it will all set in soon enough. Good luck. Congrats.

Jun 25, 2010
Excited and Fantasic!
by: Jeanie

I didn't really start feeling "pregnant" until about week 9 1/2- 10 or so. Hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones who miss out on morning sickness. I had none with my first pregnancy with my son, but I am suffering pretty bad this time around with the twins.
Don't worry about what you should say to others. When they ask you how you feel you could say, "excited" or "fantastic". Hopefully they are not judging you for not feeling sick and tired.

Jun 23, 2010
We're Just Lucky!
by: Kristy

While I was pregnant with my twins I felt great!!! I was tired but never sick!! My mom was actually worried b/c she thought that since I was pregnant with twins I should have horrible morning sickness and everything times two b/c of all the hormones...but thank God it was a perfect pregnancy! Good luck with everything!!!

Jun 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

you for sure should be extra tired. tired tired

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