Not a Question But a Critizism!

by Anya

My FIL's girlfriend is obnoxiously opinionated and says the most horrible things to me about my fraternal twin girls- asides from saying it would have been better if one had been a boy...

When I refer to them as "the twins" she tells me off that I should say "the girls"...whatever!

When I dress them in matching outfits (which is rare, I prefer coordinating outfits or the same outfit but in two different colors) she tells me I am "repressing their individuality" and that they will grow up thinking they are one person...she's nuts!

Although, I have heard that sometimes people treat twins like they are one person, teachers giving them the same grades in school, etc etc... But, I myself, am a twin and my sister & I used to wear identical outfits and we are well aware we are individuals and so what if anyone acted like we were one person, that's their problem not ours!

Ever have to deal with people like that?

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