Older Siblings of Twins

Older siblings of twins will surely be inquisitive about all the excitement surrounding mom's belly. Priming them for the eventual arrival of their new baby brothers or sisters is a good place to start.

Determining just how you will explain what's coming to older siblings depends largely on their age. Older children (around 5 years +) are generally more inclined to be helpful and understanding. Younger children, not totally grasping the situation, may vie for more attention and even act out.

There are actually some fun books available by young author, Paris Morris, that are all about her younger twin siblings. Books like these are a great way to prepare older sibs while keeping it fun and lighthearted.

All children are different, of course, so attitudes will vary. Just do what comes naturally or feels right for your particular child/children.

When you bring your twins home be sure to keep siblings involved. Let them know how important and helpful they are as a big brother or sister by creating lots of opportunities for them to pitch in. You could ask for help with diaper changing, bottle making, etc. with older children. You might ask younger ones to help pick out clothing for the new babies or toys.

Some will be more eager than others to help out, so don't worry if your child wants nothing to do with these two new family members for a time!

Also, set aside some special one-on-one time for older siblings. Read them their favorite book, take them out for an ice cream or to the park (without the twins).

The first year with twins can be a real adjustment for older brohters or sisters, but soon you will find all of your children settling in and doing all the typical stuff...Arguing, sharing, trouble making, laughing, and yes, loving each other!

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Tips & Quotes on Older Siblings of Twins
from Actual Parents

"Personally, I have always thought that having a single baby before twins was super helpful. Even though many people (family members included) seemed skeptical about how I would cope with a toddler and twin infants, I had a boost of confidence having done the whole baby stage at least once before."

"I already had two sons before the arrival of my twin sons, so you can imagine what I was thinking...'I'm so outnumbered'! I have to say that the first year was the most transitional...Lot's of explaining, a little stress, and finally a solid routine".

Make the new big brother or sister of twins feel extra special with a gift after the birth your twins. There are some fun T-shirts available just for them.

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