OMG Twins!

by Chris



This was yesterday at 6 weeks 4 days, went to see if the baby was okay, had miscarriage in August and when I had an ultrasound then no baby was I was very worried and scaried to go.....When the tech told me the baby looked good and had a strong heart beat I was sooo happy...then she said.."oh wait there is another heart're having twins"...I thought my husband was going to faint...we are sooooo HAPPY and SCARED all at the same time!

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Dec 07, 2012
twins maybe
by: Hanna

I just went to the doctor yesterday because I spotted. I quit spotting now. but going after my last period I would have been 7 weeks and 4 days but the lady said that I'm only 5 weeks three days and then they called me and said I might have twins or it could be a shadow. I have to wait a week or two till I know!

Oct 17, 2011
18 expecting twins
by: Coda

Hello to all:) Im 18 years old and my first pregnancy, expecting twins!! The funny thing is im a faternal twin and i never thought it possible that me, of all people, would have twins but i wouldnt change this for the world!! Im currently 18 weeks and 1 day though my pregnancy and im already starting to get bigger than my pregnant aunt who is due in december!!! ive had alot of encouragement so far and i just want to say to all the soon-to-be mother of twins like me, that everything is going to be ok and consider twins more than just a blessing. After all, God wouldnt have given you twins if he didnt think you'd be able to take care of them:) Thats all i gotta say!! bye:)

Sep 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

What I just read hit home. My son and daughter-in-law went to their first ob/gyn appt. On sept 20 and were told they were having twins(she was 9 weeks) and she had a cyst on her ovary. 4 days later she went to the e.r. with extreme stomach pain. They did another ultrasound and said they only saw one baby but the cyst had grown. Is it possible the cyst is getting so big it's blocking the view of the baby????? Can anyone help shed some light on this for me??

Mar 13, 2010
so worried / congratulations to you!
by: AstralV

So we have a girl 5 yr old. In 2006 a week 7 miscarriage. We've been charting and decided to start trying in February 2010. My ov date was 2/8. Got positive at home on 2/24. So doctor did the ultrasound on 3/5 and found 2 sacks fairly far apart so I think they're fraternal not identical. She wants me to have another ultrasound on 3/16 to see if both survive.
My husband couldn't be at the last visit but will be at this one. I haven't told him yet that we're having twins because he was just devastated when we lost the last pregnancy. I can't tell him "Surprise, Twins" and then take it back. I hate hiding it from him but I don't want him to mourn an embryo that probably wasn't viable. Only 3 days, I can make it.
OMG comment boards are so therapeutic . :)

Feb 27, 2010
me too!!
by: Anonymous

so my husband and i have been together for four years and just recently got married november 21st at 19 yrs old.. i started to feel weird and took a at home pregnancy test. and bam i was pregnant. i am now nine weeks pregnant with twins!!! im so excited for u guys and hope everything works out wonderfully for the both or should i say four of you. :) hannah.

Jan 28, 2010
to zoe
by: rachel

It was so funny to read your post because I could have written it! I am 20 wks with twins also my 6th and 7th! (My youngest is 16 months)I was not expecting to have anymore children then found out I was having 2! The dr said I was measuring big so he did an u/s and said "guess what, its twins". My husband and I laughed for days! I think it was our way of relieving built up stress because I was freaking out about having 6 kids, especially with a toddler already! Best of luck to you. I have another u/s hope to see what they are!

Jan 14, 2010

When I was waiting for the doctor she came in with the ultrasound machine.she ask me do you see what i see?? am like am not sure! she said i see two baby!!!! i couldnt believe it there is no history of twins in my family and i have two girls already am going to have 4 kids!!!! I am seven weeks right now!! is exiting but crazy!! soooo nerves!!!!! best wishes to all!!!!

Jan 06, 2010
exact same picture as mine :))
by: lina

Its such a miracle! :))
I just found out we are having twins two days ago.. I already have a 3 yr old boy and my husband was intially extremely skeptical about having a second child lol.
Im 6 weeks pregnant and due sometime in august.
I'm very happy, worried, happy, apprehensive, excited, and exhausted all at once. I'm so relieved I found all of you as well.

Jan 04, 2010
twin babies 6 and 7
by: zoe

hia im nearly 13 weeks pregnant with twins we found out when i went for an emergency scan at nearly 7 weeks me and my husband just burst out laughing we couldnt stop we already have 5 kids and my youngest is 11 months so these are my 6th an 7th babies we are so excited so are my children im hopeing for at least 1 girl we have 1 girl 4 boys already so i wish all you ladies all the luck in the world x

Jan 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

My husband and I had our scan on xmas eve 2009 and took our 6yr old and 5yr old with us. This wasn't a planned pregnancy at all. But when we were told that we were having twins we just couldn't stop laughing! It will be a squeeze but we are looking forward to every second and I have two fabulous little helpers too!

Nov 27, 2009
don't you love it?!
by: Jenne McIntosh

My husband and I found out we are going to have twins Nov 16th. I am due in early June 2010 as of now. We are so excited, and of course terrified! As soon as the Sonogram tech put the wand thing on my belly, she turned the screen so we could see... Two perfect little babies! We have a 5 yr old, I think it will be good for him to be a big brother. I carry the sonogram pics with me everywhere because sometimes I have to pull them out and look again just to make it real in my brain!

Nov 19, 2009
omg same here
by: heather

omg we are in the same boat. in august i miscarried and found out i was pregnant again 2 weeks ago. had to go to er saturday for bleeding where i was told that i was losing this one also but they made me see my doctor today for a checkup and now im told were having twins!!! this is soo exciting!

Nov 17, 2009
by: Anonymous

Just found out yesterday that we are having twins. We currently have a 7 month old girl, so I will have 3 children under 15 months. My husband and I are a nervous wreck but also think of this as such a blessing:)

Nov 14, 2009

Congratulations to you all! I first went into the ER room at 6weeks exactly because I kept spotting/bleeding every so often, worried that I was going to miscarry, since I had one before it made me wonder what was really going on. The ultrasound lady never told me nothing, asked me a few questions but I really thought something was wrong, then finally the nurse came in and checked my cervix, told me as soon as she got the results she would let me know. I laid there worried, she came in and told me GOOD NEWS-everything looks good and guess what you are having TWINS. I was freaking out, started to cry and even questioned her if she was sure. Sure enough, I went to my first OB/GYN appointment, they told me that if their monitor showed twins they would not give me a picture, but instead send me to go and get a regular ultrasound where the picture quality would be better, sure enough the doctor told me that I have 2 healthy fraternal twins in there! I almost cried again. I have so much mixed feelings but I feel blessed. When I get pictures I will scan some and post it up soon. My ultrasound is scheduled for November 18th, this site has given me some comfort...thanks to you all.

Nov 13, 2009
So happy
by: Anonymous

Congrats to all of you ladies as well. My levels keep going up and things look great so I am really excited....but still won't be totally happy until after I am over 3 months...that magic number.....I have not even told family yet, figured I would do that after Christmas or for Christmas...what a gift!!!!

Nov 12, 2009
by: Kim

Yeah I was in the same boat as you I found out about a week ago that there are two and I freaked out! I was in there with out my hubby and didn't know what to say to him when I told him. I'm not worried about money, I am worried how I will handle my 2 year old and two babies! I guess I will never sleep!

Nov 12, 2009
Twins :)
by: Mary

Big Congratulations to you all :) Its very exciting time. Think the first scan pic is the they get bigger you get a Twin 1 & Twin 2 pics but not together. I had a bleed at 10 weeks and presumed I had miscarried so went on my own to hosp to confirm. Couldnt believe it when was told it was TWO /!! Am now 30 weeks and still cant believe it. Was the best phone call ever when I rang my husband to tell him that they found a fact they found two :)
Best of luck with it all x

Nov 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

Congrats on the exciting news. We found via sono too that we were having twins. I am due March 31, 2010 and happy to report that we are having a boy and a girl. I was told I wouldn't get pregnant :) We have one 3 yr old son whom we adopted from was meant to be this way as I cannot imagine my life without our little boy and absolutely thrilled (and scared) to be now expecting twins. Best of luck!!!

Nov 11, 2009
I understand
by: Julie

Congratulations!! My husband and I both thought we might be sick when we found out there were two in there. We were happy but worried about the expense of two babies as well. I completey understand what you mean!! At 16 weeks I still think we are getting used to the idea that there will be two.

Nov 11, 2009
by: Whitney Wines

Aww i just found out about a week ago we were having twins....i had so many mixed feelings...i was soo excited and scared at the same time but I know god wouldnt give us something we couldnt husband started sweating in the room when she told us....i was like are you ok??? we were going to see if the cyst i had were going away and they were like ummmm there is 2 babies in there not cyst now!!!

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