One Plus One Equals TWO - 10 Week Ultrasound

by Natasha
(Conway, SC)

Two found at ten weeks

Two found at ten weeks

I had an ultrasound done at six weeks to help determine my due date. At that time there was only one baby visible on the screen. When I went back for my next appointment at ten weeks the doctor decided to do a second internal ultrasound and low and behold, Suprise there were two babies.

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Apr 01, 2009
How To Add Your Image
by: Webmaster

You can submit your image via the form on the Ultrasound Gallery page

Apr 01, 2009
Congrats on the Twins! I also have a ? for ya!
by: Cheryl Keen

Okay.. here goes.. I went in for my ultrasound when i was 6 weeks 5 days preg.. Im now 10 weeks preg and go in again on april 8th hopefully will get another sonogram.. see bcuz of my extremely high hcg levels doubling 5 times every three days they suspected twins!! well they did the sono and supposedly there is one.. or only one visible.. but I believe there is two in there and they somehow missed it. Id love to share with you my sono.. Ive looked at everyone elses online i can and its exactly the same as identical twins at 6 weeks pregnant.. which is crazy.. so im confused as to why the lady said she only sees one.. when i can clearly see two! anyhow.. let me know how i can put my sono on here and ill show you so u wont think im crazy. lol..:)

Feb 26, 2009
Deciphering Identical Or Fraternal Via Ultrasound
by: Kellie

In answer to Sabrina's question about Identical vs. Fraternal twins, I will try to explain it as simply as possible. When looking at twins in the womb via ultrasound, the only way to know beyond a doubt that they are idendical is if they share the same amniotic sac (which automatically means they will share everything else). And the only way to know beyond a doubt that twins are fraternal while in the womb is if they are of different sexes. If your twins do not share the same amniotic sac but are of the same sex, you may not know difinitively without DNA testing after they are born whether or not they are identical or fraternal. This is because identical twins can have totally separate amnions, chorions and placentas. And, fraternal twins can sometimes have placentas that fuse together and appear as one at birth. Now, of course, you may have twins that look so completely different that there is no doubt that they are fraternal. But, essentially, DNA testing for Twin Zygosity is the most accurate answer. I ended up having this done with my twin boys because they had separate amnions and chorions, but one placenta. They turned out to be identical.

Hope this helps! :-)
Kellie Asaro (site founder)

Feb 26, 2009
Fraternal or identical?
by: Sabrina

How can you tell if twins are fraternal or identical? I mean obviously if they are sharing the same of everything they are identical or if its a boy and a girl then they are fraternal. But according to what I have read it is possible for identicals to have different sacs to. I am a little confused. My doctor said something about being able to tell when they are born they look at the sacs or plancetas or something. Anyone out there have anybetter knowledge on a simple to understand level?

Feb 12, 2009
due date
by: natasha

My 40 week due date is 8/28/09 if you go by 37 weeks it's 8/7/09. I really like the 3d photos to. I am going to have some done when I am a little further along. I am so excited to find out what I'm having.

Feb 09, 2009
Love the 3d pictures
by: Anonymous

It looks like they are fraternal twins - are they? I love looking at the 3 and 4d pictures i think that they are so neat. When are you due?

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