Possible Twins?

Hi! Fist time poster here. I am now almost 14 weeks, and I go in for a second ultra sound next week. This is my first pregnancy. I've been showing since around week 9-10. I'm very small, 5'3" and was around 115lbs pre-pregnancy.I'm very athletic and in really good shape. I thought it might take more time for me to start showing. I'm wearing maternity pants already! I've had my hCG levels monitored every week for the past month, and they have more than doubled every week. I know that's not much of an indication. I had an ultrasound done around 7 weeks. We saw one sac, but two little beans very close together. My doctor didn't give me the ultrasound pic or check for a heartbeat. Is it even possible that I could be having twins, or am I just getting my hopes up?

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Aug 29, 2010
by: Nikki

there really is no way to tell this early unless you have that ultra sound does that clearly confirms it. I was 5'2 115 lbs athletic and didn't start showing till I was 12 weeks with my twins.

and even when you do start to "show" it's all hormonal changes that cause bloatation. considering the fact that the fetus's will be the size of a spec of salt.

and as far as someone telling you they are identical if they are in one sac WRONG!!! Only 1% of identical twins spilt late enough to share an amniotic sac.. and if that 1% does happen it is extremely dangerous and usually resorts to conjoined twins.

hope that helps and good luck!

Mar 17, 2010
possible yolk sac
by: Anonymous

I was the same weight you were when I got pregnant with my twins. Everyone kept telling me that I was bigger than I should be but they kept telling me its because you are so skinny. I did not have a first ultrasound until i was going in to find what the sex of the baby was at 19 weeks. Thats when i found out I was having twins. My next pregnancy, I went in about 8 weeks and saw what I thought was two beans, but one was just a yolk sac. So good luck! I hope you have twins because they are awesome!

Mar 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

yes it is possible you could be having twins if you seen two babies in one bag that means your twins are identical in 17 weeks my babies are in separate bags meaning they are faternal twins and i found out the sex at 16 weeks boy/girl twins are high risk and you can get an ultrasound for just about anything

Mar 09, 2010
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Mar 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

Could the 2nd bean have been the yolk sac? It's so hard to know for sure w/o the u/s to confirm..Good luck!

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