Pre-eclampsia While Pregnant With Twins

by Nicole
(Niagara falls, NY)

I was wondering of anyone has had or has been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. I am 26 weeks pregnant now and just spent the last week in the hospital. I was wondering if anyone had ever experienced this and had any suggestions on what I can expect with having this condition. I do not want to have to stay in the hospital for this so I am trying to do anything I can to stay at home.

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Mar 25, 2015
Life threat
by: Mary

Please listen to your doctor. I did not realize how serious eclampsia could get. At 37 weeks my doctor put me in hospital performed c section immediately. I was in a coma and convulsed through the next night and did not wake up for five days. Both boys and myself survived completely healthy. My husband was put through the ringer wondering if we would all be fine. I lost 57 Lbs in hospital! There was so much fluid in my system. So it can get extremely serious. What's a short time of Inconvenience for a lifetime of health for you, your babies, and husband...happy family beats everything!!

Apr 18, 2010
I was pre-eclamptic
by: Im One Too

I was on home rest and then bed rest with my fraternal twin girls. But then, I was with my single first daughter too.

Frankly, I welcomed it. It was less stressful in the hospital! I didn't have to call the doc with late night questions on how I was doing; I could just ask the next passing nurse. I found it very comforting to be on the constant monitor. I felt like I and my children were being well taken care of.

The pre-eclampsia was monitored until they felt it was at the point when the babies were viable and my health was declining. They gave some injections to help the babies lungs develop quicker prior to delivery. We had a C-section 6 weeks early, and all went fine. Both girls and I were home in a week.

Best of luck to you!

Jan 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

you should see beth laf post she had pre-clamsia

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