Pregnant With Twins at 35 and Worried About Complications

by akai

I am 9 weeks pregnant with twins. This is my third pregnancy. I have two very healthy children, and this was a big surprise. I can not seem to enjoy this pregnancy. I am constantly worrying about vanishing twin, genetic disorders because of my age, ending up on bed rest. I just want to be excited about the pregnancy, but I believe all this fear stems from my age. Can anyone that has been pregnant with twins at age 35 and older offer any insight?

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Oct 27, 2013
by: MJJ

There are a million things to worry about with a twins pregnancy and being 35. I'll be 35 when my set are born. However, I'm doing everything I can with nutrition, resting and prenatal care to keep these babies healthy and inside as long as possible. Have you tried talking to them and telling them how strong and healthy they are? How much you love them already and that you'll be their mommy? Somehow, that helps me remember that these kids were supposed to join our family and that they will be be in my arms soon.
Reach out to twins parents who can talk to you about their worries. Moms love talking about their kids and their experiences with pregnancy. Even if terrible things happen, usually the kids come out fine in the end.

Oct 28, 2012
It's going to be great!
by: Anonymous

Hi! I know this is MUcH easier said than done, but you musn't worry about all the "what if's" . My fraternal twins (boy/girl) were born born 6 weeks ago and I'm 36. Other than being premature (which is a risk with twins) they are both perfectly healthy babies! I do feel I was more tired than my younger friends but who is to say that that is due to age and not the fact that I was carrying around TWICE the baby. As long as you take care of yourself, eat well, rest when you can, do not over-do anything, accept the help that is offered, you will be giving your babies the best possible home until they are ready to meet the world.
Honestly, the best advice is for you to take care of yourself. 35 is still young and please remember that the complications they talk about are just so people can be a *bit* more prepared, should a complication arrive.
I wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy and two beautiful babies!

Oct 10, 2012
1 day at a time :)
by: Anonymous

Hi not worry..easy to say I know but whatever well be well be..I have twin boys they are 4 1/2 yrs old now..I was 41 when they were born...1 weighted 9lbs 7ozs & the other was smaller but still healthy he was 6lbs 9ozs
Sleep as much as you can ..only thing I found with my twin pregnancy is I was tired alot

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