Prodromal Labor With Your Twins?

by Anne
(Colorado Springs, CO, USA)

I am 37+4 with my frat boys..I have been having contractions for the last several days, at one point thinking labor was really starting..Then, it puttered out..I have never had this before, these being my 7th & 8th. Usually, once I start, I dont stop..Any advise, or help with this? Thanks

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Feb 26, 2011
All well
by: Tracy

I think your body,nature would tell you if something was wrong, like a continuation of pain for example. Your contractions sounded like Braxton Hicks, all natural and your body getting ready!

Apr 15, 2010
Same here
by: Mare

This is my second pregnancy and I didn't have any B-H contractions the first time. This time I have several in a day and seems to be an almost steady thing then it sputters out just like you said. I am almost 37 weeks. I am hoping they take sometime soon!

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