Protein Powder - Okay to Drink During Twin Pregnancy?

by Jen
(Bay Area, CA)

Hi everyone! I am expecting twins! I am a naturally small, fine boned person (5'3, 104lbs) pre-pregnancy and have been at this weight for most of my adult life (20 yrs). I am fearful that I will not eat enough protein throughout the pregnancy. Normally, I do protein shakes after working out, but haven't done so since finding out that I am pregnant. I am afraid it may not be good for me. Has anyone drunken protein powder? Which ones are ok? Thank you!

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Dec 22, 2014
Protein powder
by: Norah Johnson

Protein powder is an excellent replacement for milk for people with lactose intolerance. It has several health benefits as well. However it is highly recommended not to consume high levels of protein as it could lead to several health issues.

Oct 27, 2013
by: MJJ

I drank two protein shakes a day during my first twins pregnancy. I used whey protein as too much concentrated soy can cause hormonal problems. They were with berries, whole milk and some of the greek yogurts that are super high in protein. Cottage cheese is also quite high in protein. Meat smelled and tasted very suspect to me throughout the pregnancy so I had a lot of trouble eating animal protein from the source. My kids were born at 38 weeks and very healthy. It's also nice to focus on protein in case you develop gestational diabetes. The transition to a diabetic diet was a lot easier with the high protein focus already established.

Jan 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

hi I just had my twin girls 3 months ago and i am petite too and have also been that way my whole life, im 22. im 5' and before the pregnancy I weighed 95lbs. One of my first appointments to the perinatologist he told me that I needed to make sure I was taking in a lot of protein. I didnt start seeing the perinatologist until I was about 3 months and I wish I would known that from the beginning. I drank Ensure "high protein" and Boost "high protein" shakes. They both have a good amount of protein in them. I would try and drink 2 a day but it was getting a little much so I would mostly drink 1 a day. Between the two I liked the Boost better. I also tried to eat protein bars but sometimes they would make me sick from the taste, you know how that is being pregnant with the taste of some things, so I stuck to the shakes. To me they tasted best when they were really really cold. I would even put a scoop of ice cream in them sometimes. My girls were born at 34 weeks and weighed 4.1lbs and 4.9lbs they are both very healthy and doing well. I ended up going in a little earlier because my blood pressure started to get high, I think it was my bodys way of saying that it was time for them to come out :) I would recommend both of those shakes, the Carnation Instant Breakfast is supposed to be good too, either way talk to your doctor about it first just to make sure its alright. Good luck with everything! :)

Jan 08, 2012
My experience with soy powder
by: Dawn

I would check with your health care provider, but I can tell you my experience. I had protien powder shakes during my 3rd (the last one before these twins) pregnancy and there seemed to be no ill effects. My midwife recommended it. I was concerned, however, about the soy in it. Soy can interfere with your hormones and throw things out of balance. If there is an alternative without soy, I'd use that. I never took the time to hunt for any and just used what I had. There seemed to be no ill effects.

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