Purchasing a Mobile for Twins
by Elaine Farber

Newborns spend most of the time in their crib. Babies need some stimulation during the day, and mobiles are their first form of entertainment. Soothing music and soft glowing lights are ideal for calming baby in her crib at night. Between six and eight weeks of age babies are ready for a mobile. A mobile offers baby a close-up view of bright objects and friendly creatures that move to the sound of soothing music and dancing lights. A battery-operated mobile will run as long as you like; there's no winding to be bothered with every two minutes. A remote control mobile means that mom or dad can stop or start the mobile's motion with the click of a button. When you get tired of the music, simply push the button or use the remote control to turn it off. Some mobiles can even be activated by your baby's own voice. When you're purchasing a mobile for your child's crib consider colors and dimensionality. Hold the mobile up for inspection. Get underneath the mobile and look at it from the baby's point of view. Two-dimensional mobiles can be harder for babies to see than mobiles with three-dimensional qualities. With many flat, two-dimensional mobiles the objects seem to disappear when you look from the baby's angle. The best mobiles are three-dimensional, in which case the toys stand out. Many mobiles also play music. Listening to the tunes available will help you decide between similar mobiles.

f you are having a single baby one mobile is all you need. If you are having twins and are going to sleep them in the same crib you still only need one mobile. If you are going to sleep your twins in separate cribs it would be nice to have a mobile for each baby. A little tip: If baby is going to watch his mobile after eating, place him on a Boppy pillow in the crib. A baby placed flat on his back after eating is likely to spit up. Elevating baby on a Boppy will make him feel more comfortable and help prevent spitting up. Never leave baby unattended on a Boppy pillow.

Mobiles attach to and hang above the crib. Never hang the mobile directly over the baby. Make sure the mobile is securely attached to the crib, is high enough the baby can't reach, and that it is removed from the baby's crib when she reaches six months old, or as soon as she begins to sit up. If your mobile has strings make sure they are out of your baby's reach. Removing the mobile doesn't mean you have to put it away. Many mobiles are designed so you can mount them on the wall for baby's enjoyment.

Listed are some recommended crib mobiles that offer music, lights and some have a remote control:

  • Friendly Firsts Smart Response Musical Mobile by Fisher Price
  • Ocean Wonders Mobile with Remote Control by Fisher Price

    Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion Remote Mobile

    Changing Table Mobile
    Some babies need a distraction when having their diaper changed or when they are getting dressed. Keep your baby entertained and happy while he's on the changing table with a mobile that attaches right to the changing table.

    Suggested changing table mobile:

  • Changing Table Flutter Bug by Infantino

  • Suction Cup Wall Mounted Mobile
    A suction cup, wall-mounted mobile can be hung anywhere in the house to entertain your baby. Hang it over the crib for play time, hang it over the changing table to distract baby while you're changing diapers or getting baby dressed. As your baby grows you can hang the mobile in any room, out of reach, so baby can still enjoy it.
    Recommended wall mounted mobile:

  • Caterpillar Mobile by Sassy

  • About The Author
    Elaine Farber is a Newborn/Specialist/Consultant and author of Baby Lists: What to Do and What to Get to Prepare for Baby. Elaine has over thirty years experience caring for single and multiple birth babies. She has made a career of loving and nurturing babies in a variety of environments. Elaine’s love for children has prompted her to investigate and review a multitude of products in real-world conditions. Elaine has coached families through every aspect of early parenting, from selecting the right hospital to choosing the proper diapers. She knows firsthand which items are the easiest to use, and the safest for baby.

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