Ruth and Jarred's Babies' Ultrasound

by Ruth Blakely
(stockton ,ca )

them at 9 wks

them at 9 wks

them at 9 wks
baby A at11wks
Baby B getting use to that name

I found out i was pregnant with twins on my second dr. visit at six wks or so. I was in so much pain i thought i was having a miscarrage.The dr and i saw two sacs and before she could tell us i knew already. my husdand started crying out of fear and i was so happy.I have wanted twins since i was a little girl and knew they ran in our family.Im currently 19 wks with fraternal twins and i find out next monday what we're having.

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Jan 27, 2011
why me

this is Ruth's husband Jarred Blakely. I am the one who was crying at the doctors office when I found out I was going from not being a father to being the father of two. but in the time since I have been forced to come to terms with that simple truth.

Now the children are here. Two big, loud, funny, healthy, sleep depriving, two month old baby boys. and I would not only not trade them for anything but would lay down my life for them on instant alone. I love my family although I didnt always want one.

Times have changed from then to now. I guess seeing the boys and actually holding them helped that along.

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