Say What Now?

by April

Q: Are they twins?
A: What else would they be?
A: No I found one out in the parking lot, is it yours?

Q: How far apart are they?
A: About a foot.

Q: Did you know you were having twins? (I think this is a PC way of asking if I had IVF)
A: I HAVE TWINS??!?!?!?

Q: Did you have IVF?
A: What size are your breasts? (I like to counter one offensive question with another).

Comment: You have your hands full. This one is guarenteed every time I go out. Yes, Captain Obvious, twins are hard, thank you so much.

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Mar 16, 2014
You have your hands full...
by: Anonymous

I don't have twins. In fact my boys are 4 years apart. They are, however, still a handful at times. I have gotten the comment, "You have your hands full!" and choose to take it in the way I think most people mean it: acknowledging the hard work that is parenting, and expressing empathy (or sympathy on the really hard days!), and a "don't worry about the noise being made, you're doing your best" sort of support. I'd much rather someone state the obvious of "you've got your hands full" than ignore me like we're part of the wall. I tend to think if someone totally ignores me & my misbehaving child (especially in the small confines of a restroom) that they must be REALLY mad at me, either because of my child's behavior or because of how I'm responding to said behavior. So, yeah, it's obvious, but I welcome the support the comment implies! :)

Sep 20, 2013
Can I See them?
by: Amy

When i go out i try to keep their covers over their carseats so that less people come to stand over or behind me. So when people to come up and asks to see them or actually lifts it WITHOUT asking i really just want to punch them in the face. Really shopping already takes to long without everyone stopping you. my and my husband started each taking a child and shopping on opposite isles.

When trying to go out to eat there is always that rude person that stands over you eating to look at them. or feel it necessary to interrupt your rare night out to ask stupid questions.

i did breast feed in the beginning and how just feed breast milk out of bottles, but when i did have to breastfed in public i tried to be in a excluded place with a cover over me. One woman had the nerve to ask to see the baby i was feeding because she noticed it was twins. really!!! Yeah I'm going to expose myself just so you can inconvenience me more! Aaah

Aug 15, 2011
by: April Copeland

My best friend has a son who is 5 weeks older than my twin girls and a 2 year old daughter. Her son is gigantic, he's 100% + in everything. My girls are pretty big too, 95-98%. Her daughter however is very small percentile-wise, so she only is a few inches taller. Now everytime we go anywhere, we get asked if they are quadruplets. We used to just laugh and say no and explain who was whose. However after getting asked the 5th time in a grocery store I finally said. "Yes, but neither of us wanted to get that fat so she had two and I had two."

Then I walked off.

Aug 14, 2011
Not twins....
by: Anonymous

We fostered 2 unrelated babies that were born 1 week apart. When we took them Places, people always asked if they were twins. My husband said "no". People always looked so confused after that! Then he added " they are a week apart." this only added to the confused looks. It was quite funny! I think people ask this as a conversation starter, but it's hilarious when they aren't prepared for the answer! After a while, we found it was just easier to say "yes" that they were twins. One waitress actually asked why one was darker complected than the other!!

May 11, 2011
Are they twins?
by: Bast

No, I put one to bed last night and she cloned herself.
No, I stole two random babies from the hospital.
or, my personal favourite, No (keep walking)

Mar 13, 2011
"Oh I'm sorry..."
by: Mandy

I have twin boys and one looks like my husband and the other looks like me. The one that looks like me has always been the bigger, younger brother, the question I get asked the most... "Oh how far apart are they (thinking I had them 9 or 10 months apart?) My answer... 37 minutes. I get a look of shock and then comes the "Oh I'm sorry..." My answer... "Actually they had me so drugged up I didn't feel anything."

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