Scared About Early Delivery of Twins

by Kristen C
(St. Peters, MO )

I am 21 weeks and just found out last week that I am carrying boy/girl twins. While I am excited about having twins, I am really scared about not making it to at least 37/38 weeks and the babies being too small and getting stuck in NICU. Is there anything I can do to alleviate my fears and concerns?

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Jul 05, 2013
34 weeks andv19 years old fourth pregnancy
by: bella

I know what you mean I am 34 weeks with boy twins and am worried as well even more so since its my fourth pregnancy and only being 19 my contractions started when I was 30 weeks and the doctor put me on bed rest till they slowed down they have now started up agsin

Dec 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

Everytime I went in to the hospital for contrctions (thhey will tell you more about when you should go) it would turn out I was dehydrated and it caused contractions to start (I was pregnant in the desert in summer.) WATER, WATER, WATER (or juice if water makes your stomache hurt!) Also, follow bedrest orders,it was amazing what little effort it took to get my babies out. (at 36 weeks, I rode in the car for 1 1/2 hours and walked for mayby 5-10 mins... and was dehydrated.... again ;)

Dec 09, 2012
I hear you...
by: Babs

I agree with the advice you have been given regarding eating well and making sure your nutritional needs are met. Having PKU, I have to write down everything I eat and measure my protein intake very strictly (gram scales and everything). A risk of my condition is that my babies will have low birth weight. Let me tell you, with a dietician (although not eating healthy 24/7 but ensuring all my nutritional needs are met), I've always had some big babies!!! At 29 1/2 weeks my babies were 3 lbs 7 oz each...those are some big babies.

I share your concern about having an early delivery because I don't know how many pounds of baby my body can take before it breaks my water! I already have 7 lbs in there at 30 weeks. My goal is to keep them baking at least another 2 weeks. Just like your babies, if they end up in the NICU, this is common amongst twin births. We need to think of it as short-term circumstances for long-term gain. I've heard once you hit 27 weeks, your babies have a 90% chance of survival and by 29 weeks it has increased to 95%. You're almost in the clear! Praise God!

Oct 18, 2011
I ended up going early
by: Kristen C

I did actually end up having the twins early. I was only at 33 weeks and 3 days when my water just broke one morning with no warning. I wasn't having any concerns or issues with the pregnancy prior to that. Happy to report that while the babies did spend 23 days in the NICU - they are both wonderfully perfect and healthy. They were 4 pounds (g) and 3.12 pounds (b) and I was able to deliver them without a c-section. They are around 16 pounds each now at 8 months (6 months adjusted age).

Oct 17, 2011
We all have this fear
by: Mary

Your fear is probably one of the universal fears of women pregnant with twins. Full chapters are devoted to it in twins books, it is constantly mentioned in the literature. Many moms I have met through the Moms of Twins group in my town have had babies early and did need an extended time in the hospital. Many, however did not. From what I've read, like another person mentioned, nutrition is critical to growing healthy, large babies. Do your own research on protein recommendations. Even ask for a nutritional consult referral from your doctor if you feel you need guidance.
Trust in what your body is saying and take it easy when you're tired. Really listen to your doctor's advice and discuss what doesn't make sense to you.

Mar 24, 2011
by: Diema

I can also relate to this constant thought, as I am 27 weeks+ with twin girls! We are doing this labor and delivery as natural as God will allow and my doctor has told me to constantly hydrate and snack healthy allllll the time! He said a nourished body is the best chance to keep them in so they keep growing! As for the shot, we aren't doing anything like that; everything I've seen says that by 27-28 weeks, lungs are good and can function if delivered.

When fear creeps up, I remind myself that each day they are in my womb, they are growing! If I get caught on the weeks until full term, it is daunting!

Dec 03, 2010
by: Jennifer

I can relate with you I am pregnant with indentical twin boys and am 26 weeks along. I have a constant fear of early delivery but there is nothing that I know of that I can do that could change that possiblity except take care of myself. My doc is giving me a steriod shot at 28 weeks to help develop their lungs early. I hope all goes well in your pregnancy. Happy Thoughts!!

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