by Caty
(Kingsland, GA)

I have a little boy who will be 3 in June and just had a baby boy in Dec 09. So shocked is the best word to describe it when my doctor told me, "No you don't have the flu, your pregnant!"

So I came home, told the hubby and he thought I was joking! I called my OB, and they thought I was joking and then yesterday was my appointment. 6 wks 3 days pregnant with.....TWINS! As soon as the midwife turned the TV monitor around and we saw the 2 sacs, I almost died!

The funniest thing is my doctor likes to take twins early (both of my boys are C-sections so the twins will be as well) and well, that puts us into Christmas and his vacation, so the only date he has available is my youngest son's birthday 12/21! Needless to say I am still kinda freaking out! I dont even know what to expect with this pregnancy or what to buy to get ready for!

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