Should I invest in a Stroller ? If so, Inline , Side by Side, or Snap & Go Strollers ?

by Darci
(San Antonio, Tx , US)

I'm thinking Inline because they're not as wide and I wouldn't have to "try" and hold 2 doors open @ once to get in a building. I just noticed they have "snap & go" strollers as well which would be lighter but are pretty much just to hold carseats so I would have to buy another stroller when they are able to ride in a stroller. Anyway my question is which of the 3 should I seriously consider?

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Mar 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have never had to hold two doors open to get my side by side stroller through the door - just one. I have the Combi Twin Sport and have been using it since my twins were about 3 months old. They do very well in it and I just love it. We use this stroller primarily for walks.

I also have the double trends snap and go. We keep it in the car for all our outing - be it mall or grocery shop. It is so nice to let the babies sleep in their car seats and not disturb them to get them in and out of the stroller. The frame for this is only about $100. And it will last you the first year. Mine are now almost 10 months, and despite my son being very tall they still fit feet to feet in this stroller. Also, it has lots of storage space underneath for all those bags you get when shopping.

Good luck.

And yes, you will have to get used to pushing the stroller through the door by yourself because people don't think to hold the door open for you. They just like to stand there and say -- you've got your hands full.

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