Skaggs Twins Ultrasound - 6 weeks 5 days

by Christi

I am 6 weeks 5 days along and saw two today 12/30/2008. On 12/24 there was only one that we found. I am still in shock!

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Jan 23, 2013
by: Nuvia

I went to my first ultrasound and they found 2 yolk sacs and one had a heart beat and the other one didn't but I'm praying next time I go I see both heartbeats.? So I have another ultrasound in 2 week baby was 6 weeks and 4 days.any positive edvise. Please

Jan 27, 2009
I know how you feel
by: francine

My first 2 ultrasounds there was only one, and on 1/20/09 the lady put the ultrasound wand on my belly and just as soon as it hit, she said "We do know already that there are two in here right..." WHAT no I didnt know and what a way to tell someone lol...anyway I will be 10 weeks on Thursday we are really close if you want to talk....or anyone else reading this e-mail me at I dont know how i came across this site and dont know if i will be able to find my way back :o) good luck to you and all!

Jan 01, 2009
scanner not working
by: becky

sorry my scanner is acting up i will try to figure it out

Dec 31, 2008
wheres your pic
by: Christi SKaggs

I want to see your US pic can u post it Thanks

Dec 31, 2008
by: becky rossi

WoW! same thing here 12/30/08 went for ultrasound to help figure out due date. What a surprise two sacs two heartbeat TWO BABIES!! also 6weeks and 6 days. Went for ultra sound exactly one week before on 12/22/08 and only saw one sac! So we are still in shock but very happy A little nervous because we have two boys at home 5 & 3!!! we are going to be busy!! Congrats to you we are heading down the same road :-) !!!

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