Strollers For Two?

by Anonabee
(Bay Area, Cali)

I have a question, that after talking to retail stores, I believe only mothers of twins will be able to answer...

Is there a stroller that I can use two car seats? Most of the double ones I've seen you can use one infant car seat and the other seat is for a toddler. I'm on a strict budget. (Single mom-to-be, not much family) So being able to purchase interchangable pieces, and the ease of grabbing the seats from the car and straight into the stroller would be another blessing! Thanks in advance for your time and any advice you have to give!

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Mar 29, 2010
hope this helps
by: Anonymous

Babies R Us!

I just bought this stroller for my twins,

^^ This is the single baby stroller, I couldnt find the double stroller, it looks exactly like this but its the side by side, but it does fit two carseats and folds up small to fit in the back of your car.

Nov 16, 2009
strollers for 3?
by: Mon of 4!

I am due in June with twins - but I have a one year old and a 3 year old that both use a stroller now. Any suggestions?

Nov 09, 2009
Thank You!
by: Anonabee

Thank you guys for your help! I decided to go with Graco. I went to Walmart and the infant seats do fit in both the front and back seats! The Duo Glider will last until they are up to 70 Lbs.

Nov 09, 2009
kolcraft has one
by: Anonymous

Go to kolcrafts website and check out the options tandem stroller contours. It will use any two carseats and is easy to steer. It is heavy and from what i hear kind of a pain to set up but it may be an option for you since you can use any infant seats and it is also suitable for when they are older.

Nov 09, 2009
yea i found a few
by: Anonymous

I have found a couple of them by graco and they say in the details that they can hold 2 graco car it all depends on the kinda car seats you wanted to use....but i think im opting for graco to be able to put both car seats in the strollers

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