Strong Positive on Pregnancy Test 7 Days Before Period Due

by Alison
(NSW, Australia)


Just had a question:

I'm a mother of 3, and have always had singleton pregnancies, the difference this time is that I did the first response test in the evening 7 days before my monthlies were due, expecting I may get a very faint positive as I felt pregnant. Immediately as the test window began to activate, the most intense pink line appeared, much darker than the test line that followed it, and before the test was complete so I repeated the test and same thing. I've never gotten such a definate positive before, and so early on. I was wondering is this normal for that type of test, or should I mention it to my doctor? I'm due to go there next week, when I should be 6 weeks along, never thought of the posibility of twins with my other pregnancies. Has anyone else had this happen and find out they are carrying twins? Thanks!

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