Terrible Two's Early and Expecting Twins

by Judith Stepp
(WV )

I have a VERY rowdy 14 month boy and I am 31 weeks pregnant with twins. Is it possible for a baby his age to be going through terrible twos? He is throwing horrible fits! You name it, he's doing it.. Everything from biting, smacking, screaming, every time you say "No" he throws himself on the floor and starts screaming. I try to walk away when he does this, but do you think it might be possible he knows he's not going to be the only one in a little while? Please someone help with suggestions.. I don't know what to do or even what to expect once the twins arrive and he's not going to be the baby. HELP!! Thanks!

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Apr 07, 2011
Time Out
by: Anonymous

Your son is too early for time out in the conventional since. He should not be left on a naughty spot and you should not be trying to reason with him in staying on the spot.

We have a pack and play set up on the main floor for our 11 month olds. When they do something dramatic like biting, hitting, or something else that hurts someone in the family they go into that. It does not have toys in it, but it is one of those mesh play pens with the animals that make ringing, crinkling and other sounds on the side. And in their room, they have their cribs, with just a couple toys in it. Either way, it gives them a minute to cry/calm down and get the idea that Mommy put them there for a reason and it gives you a minute to breathe.

I leave them in it for only about a half minute right now, by then they have forgotten what they did wrong anyway.

Good luck. And I think you should start telling him that he will have a couple playmates soon. When you buy something big for the nursery, get something small for him. Have him come into the nursery and explore it. Make him a part of the new adventure in anyway you can.

Apr 06, 2011
terrible twos
by: Jennifer

Oh yes, your little boy can definitely start the terrible twos that early. My 4 year old son did and he STILL has his moments. haha. I think walking away and ignoring the behavior definitely has it's advantages...it just depends on what the behavior is, really. Have you tried time out? I know it can get really frustrating because usually at that age they don't have the attention span for time out or to listen to you try to explain to them what they did wrong. But I know that I've seen on the nanny shows on tv (silly, i know...but it seems to work) that they will place the child in the corner or on the time out spot and look them in the eye telling them what they did was wrong and then walk away. And each time they get up you just keep placing them back on the spot and walk away, until the behavior stops. I know this is easier said than done, especially being pregnant with twins! But that's about my only advice right now. Hope it helps!

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