The First Day of School

by Corey Gammon
(Breeze IL )

My sister and I are fraternal boy and girl twins. We went to our first day of kindergarten in 1980. The teacher was teaching us our emergency contact info. My sister Crystal went first and answered the questions splendidly. I was up next and the teacher asked where I lived, to which I said "I don't know." She asked what my phone number was, again saying "I didn't know." So, she tried to reason with my 5 year old brain by asking; Well what if you lost your Mommy and you had to call her? Now this sounded scary and unlikely, but it was possible. So, I told the teacher "I don't have to know it Crystal knows it." The teacher then said, well what if Crystal wasn't around? Well, that is just plain stupid I thought. "Me and Crystal are always together" I replied. Then I wondered how fit she was to be teaching me if she didn't even know that! Oh that poor teacher.

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