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Well with my first son everyone teased me. They were like, you're so big ur haven twins and of course it was only one. I wanted more kids just not yet! My son was 2 when we decided to have more. One try and I was pregant and also with this pregancy I was so sick couldn't keep nothing down but didn't think much of it.

Finally my friends took me out for a hike to get some fresh air and try and relax. My 1st doctors app. was the next day and I was climben hills and so forth we all started to laugh cause I was doing all this stuff and my friend said what if their twins and I was like that would be crazy and just laughed.

The next day I was excited couldn't wait to see the baby see how far along I was and it was just a great day! So I was 11 weeks and 5 day and the doctor was like, oh no, and I started to cry. I was like, somethings wrong with the baby. He said, look at the screen and there were two babies I was like, is that for real? He said, yep. I started to laugh, it was very exciting and then scary to have the doc explain all things to come with a twin pregancy and I just hope I was ready!

I came home showed my boyfriend he was like, what that blur on the picture? I said that's another baby. He was so excited and we just planned and prepared or selves.

At 25 weeks i woke up real sick and I was out of town on a trip so a couple hours later I called my doctor he wanted me to go in to a hospital near by and get looked over so I did. I get there and they started on me right away turned out I was dehydrated and in labor they had to stop me from giving birth. They only had a 50/50 chance and I couldn't live with that, them not maken it.

Now I am 34 weeks and last week the same thing happened. I am on bed rest to try and hold these lil ones in for two more weeks I can barley walk to the bathroom it's hard. I can't hold food down, all I can think is, please make it babies, hold on. If something was to go wrong how would I live with it and make it? I'm so in love with these babies and never met them yet it's the greatest thing God can give anyone. Kids, love, hope, and faith. But how do you stick to this when you know there might be a problem! But all I can say is be careful take care of you and your babies and rest as much as possible. I'm holdn' my lil ones in there and whish me luck. These babies are my life and a part of the future. Best luck to u all!

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Aug 12, 2009
God bless
by: Anonymous

oh you are so much blessed. God bless you. I also had my twins at week 37 and 2 days. They are now 8 months. Oh good luck with everything. Just remember to say prayers and evrything will be fine.

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