The Kurt Babies

me and my boyfriend found out we were having twins and 5 weeks :) this sonogram is taken at 7 weeks, but the doctors are saying that they cant tell if they are identical or fraternal yet, what do you think?

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Jul 17, 2011
Identical or Fraternal?
by: Anonymous

It is very hard to tell if you have fraternal or identical sometimes. It all depends on if you had 1 egg split (identical) or 2 eggs that were fertilized. If you have 2 separate eggs, they are fraternal. If there was 1 that split, they would be identical. 2 eggs leads to 2 separate placentas, 1 egg that splits would have 1. BUT, 2 placentas can fuze into 1, appearing to be identical, but not really. It truly is a confusing situation. Also, the obvious part, if it's 1 boy and 1 girl, it's nearly impossible to be identical. It's a freaky, extremely rare situation, lol. Good luck to you, and take care! :D

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