The Twin Life As It Is

by Kallie

Twins are very different people, even if they look alike or not. Every person has different interests, goals, and ambitions. Sometimes twins like to dress the same for the fun of it or to trick other people but it doesn’t mean we are the same.

Many people ask the questions, “do you like being a twin?”, “what is it like to be a twin?”, and “does it make us mad when they call you the wrong person?” These are some of the questions I will be answering based on my life experiences.

Most of the time when someone asks me if I like being a twin, I usually answer with the words, “I don’t know,” or “It's whatever!” Most of the time I forget that I am even a twin because I see us as any other siblings would see each other. Just like other siblings would fight, Kara and I will break out into fist fights all the time. Most siblings miss each other if they are separated for over a week, and that is the same with my twin and I but it usually only takes about 2 or 3 days before I start to miss her. God created us each in our own and unique way and there is nobody out there that is the same as you!

Being a twin, we do have a lot of similarities and we also have a lot of differences. When we were younger we had different friends and did different things. When, we got to about 5th grade and up until this day, we have about the same friends and like doing a lot of things together. Being twins gives us an advantage that most sibling don't have, we know each other better than anyone else and are so close that we are like best friends. Kara and I will be thinking the same thing sometimes and then speak it at the exact same time, even if it is the most random thing. When we were younger, Kara would finish my sentences for me and still does sometimes to this very day.

Some of the differences are that Kara loves fruit like strawberries, grapes, and pineapple and I hate the taste of pineapple and grapes. I have also been the quieter one, where as Kara is the more outgoing and crazy one.

People that we have known for several years still can not tell the difference between us. I have family members who have no clue how to tell the difference. When someone calls me by the wrong name, I don't even bother correcting them because it can get annoying having to correct people all the time.

Some people say we look exactly alike and others say we look nothing alike. I personally don’t think that Kara and I even look that much alike. The funny thing though, when we look at pictures of us when we were younger, Kara and I can’t tell the difference but my little sister, Tobi can tell the difference.

Now you know a little bit about what it is like in the twin life. I don't see my sister as a twin, but as just a regular sibling or best friend. We do a lot together and tell each other everything, but we can also be very different and act different. And don't forget, we hate being called by the wrong person!

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