The Twin Thing

by Mulynda
(Sydney, NSW , Australia)

My twin brother and I are now 25. In those 25 years we have experienced what we call "the twin thing" numerous times. Although we are not idetical and we are biy/girl twins we still beleive we have a strong connection.

I remeber being 19 and at work and my right hand was tingling. It felt really weird and I thought of my brother out of the blue so I called him. Right at that moment he was at the doctors having an anaesthetic injected into his right hand to have his hand stitched up due to accidentally cutting it.

Another memory was the two of us sitting at home watching TV and at the exact same time we started singing the same song. I have plenty of these stories and we are so close it's not funny. I love him more than anyone else in the world. He is my other half and always will be.

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