Thing One and Thing Two

(Berea, KY)

I'm 22 yrs old and a first time parent pregnant with twins. I was unsure of the start date of the pregnancy due to issues with my thyroid, so the doctor did an ultrasound to date the pregnancy. I was nervous because I had such bad morning sickness. I was laying there looking at the screen when I heard the doctor say "uh-oh" and the same time I said "is that how many I think". "yep, you're having twins".

My family is ecstatic. I'm sitting around 17-18 weeks and can't wait for the next appointment to see what my little jelly beans are. Everyone in my house is taking bets. My older sister is about more excited about the babies than I am. Every time I hear the heartbeats I melt. I know that these are my babies and no matter what, I'm going to do the best for them.

The ultrasounds have been wonderful. The last one was at 15 weeks and they were already starting to show personalities. One was waving, and wiggling, but would stop long enough to get a picture. The other one would hold still for all of two seconds then move so all you could see would be a head or butt! One of the funniest things so far has been with my nieces and nephews. I have a 4 year old niece. She doesn't really understand a lot other than I'm going to have babies, so I've gotten some quiet interesting questions like, "are the babies in your legs?" "if you sit in the chair, won't you squish em?" and my personal favorite, "do the babies like cheeseburgers?".

I'm so happy and blessed to have such family support with these babies. Even my brother (who is the typical manly, mechanic type) got a little mushy over them. These kids are going to be well loved, not to mention all the honorary aunts and uncles. I can't wait!

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Oct 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

Congrats! I bet your family is going to adore your little ones...they kind of sound like my family. I am so excited to have twins...I am currently 21 weeks and I'm having girls....It is so crazy because my husband and I already have 2 girls. My girls and I are going to have soo much fun together and I can't wait.

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