To Keep the Dog or Not to Keep the Dog?

by Sam
(San dieo)

I'm a mom to be of twins and I'm hoping someone who is more experienced can give me some insight. My family is pushing for me to rehome my 3 year old lab. I have two dogs but my other dog is older and very calm. My lab is very well behaved and family agrees on this point but says that he has too much energy and im being selfish wanting to keep him. I'm a new mom so maybe I'm missing something but if he is a good dog why would they think he needs to go.

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Jan 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

Before I had my twins I was nervous that I wouldn't have enough time for my 2 year old boxer who has a whole lot of energy. I am also a first time mom and had no idea how it was all going to work out. I have to say the first week the twins were home it was hard to give the dog attention, mainly because I am a first time mom and hadn't had experience with time management with babies, it didn't take long at all to get into a routine and everything is great with the dog. For him now it is pretty much like it was before the twins came home. I would recommend making sure you have some help those first couple of weeks so that all your babies, human and animal, get all the attention they need until you get a good routine down. You are the only one who will be able to judge if you should keep your dog or not. It cant hurt to try it, chances are everything will be fine.
It is also actually good for children to grow up with animals in the house because it will dramatically lower the chance that they will develop allergies down the road.

good luck :)

Jan 22, 2012
Keep the dog!!!
by: Tara

Hi Sam,

You should keep YOUR DOG. When you agreed to take on responsibility of your dog (either by purchasing your dog, adopting your dog, or just plain taking ownership of your dog) you made a silent agreement to care for that animal - to provide that animal a home, food, medical care, etc. It is NOT your dog's fault that you got pregnant and are having twins. Therefore, it is not a condition to give up your dog.

Your family shouldn't try to persuade you into getting rid of a family member - which is exactly what pets are.

If you absolutely, positively must release your furry friend - please do your best to find it a good home. Please don't take your dog to a high-kill shelter or just let it go on the streets. Please do your best to find it a safe and loving new home.

Good luck with your twins and your pets,

Jan 22, 2012
Keep the dog
by: Anonymous

I was in the same situation as you. When I was pregnant with my twins I had two boxers and had to give one up because I knew it would be just to much work. I kept my 2 year old boxer who has a ton of energy. I know all dogs are differnent but my dog was very calm around my babies when they were born. My babies are now 15 months and they LOVE our dog!

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