Too Much of a Good Thing?

by Megan

My husband and I moved 10 hours away from family due to a job change for him. We have a 2 year old son and twins on the way. Ever since we found out that it is twins everyone..and I mean EVERYONE has been coming up to us informing us of when they are going stop by after the babies are born, and "help" us. I am a stay at home momma and I just don't feel that I want extra people around the house afterwards. I am kind of a keep to myself, ask when I need help sort of person. So, all this talk of people coming by is making me really anxious. I know they are just trying to "help" but is saying no a bad thing? Will people be offended??

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Oct 15, 2010
by: Michelle

I had loads of offers of help including offers to help with housework. My twins are now 14 weeks old and those offers didn't amount to much! People love the idea of twins and may come round for cuddles with them but the offers are mainly all talk! I find that you have to be very specific when requesting help too!

May 12, 2010
Take what you need
by: Mare

I just had my b/g twins 3 wks ago and am in a similar situation as I moved 3 hours away from my family.

The first night home was the absolute hardest! Going from the hospital with nurses to just my husband and I. The next morning and for two weeks we had daily visitors. My suggestion is to keep their visits short. If you don't it interferes with your ability to nap. Also if they can watch the babies for an hour or two while you nap you will feel more refreshed.

Good luck and email if you want to talk further.

May 05, 2010
extra hands make more work
by: Tzena U.K.

My twins are now 4years old, being a mother living alone raising our twins alongside my older children, did not turn out so bad, Their Father is very much involved and we are very much committed to one another....we just don't live under the same roof...yet. but the moment i was dropped at home with my week old twins, i had a moment of panic, as "oh my god, i'm here alone, with no one to help" then i was like "how often do i change them, when will they next wake for a feed" as it was i survived, i slept when my twins slept and i put a polite notice on the front door saying "although i may be home when you call, please do not be offended if i do not answer the door" as i may of been sleeping/feeding or just having a moment to myself, like the previous comments, the help can be great but when they are not there to help you, you have to get on with it, and well thats just what i did, Good Luck and Enjoy xxx

May 04, 2010
Lol... Help...
by: Shelby

Don't worry. Everyone said the same thing to us and the "novelty" of it all wears off pretty fast. You may have extra visitors for a couple of weeks, but your house won't be flooded. In fact, you'll probably think to yourself "Where is all of this'help' I was promised?!" at some point or another. Have fun! My twins are 8 months old and it's a blast!

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