Trying For 1 and Got 2!

by Brittany
(cda, id)

After 3 years of being with my boyfriend we decided to try for a baby. I went off my birth control in February 2010 and went to the doctor for a pre-pregnancy check up. I told them my plans on becoming pregnant.

Everything was good to go. My boyfriend and I even took a vacation to Maui 3 months later in May hoping to concieve over there. Didn't happen. Another 3 months went by and finally, a positive test! We were super excited. Found out same weekend as my man's 30th birthday.

Now, my boyfriend always wished he had a twin growing up and his cousin (pretty much like a bother) ended up having identical boys with his wife. Even my co-workers jokingly poked fun about "What if it's twins?", or "You know there's 2 in there".

I think it was like my second doctor appointment and we heard the heartbeat and everything but he said I was measuring large. He thought maybe my due date was off. But I knew it wasn't because we had been trying to conceive. My boyfriend even mentioned the posibility of twins and the doctor said that it was a 1 in 1000 chance of us having twins.

I was scheduled for an ultrsound the following hour but my boyfriend wasn't planning on staying because he had errands to run. So when the ultrasound tech called me back I was telling her about my boyfriend and the twin talk and what the doctor said about it. She was going over my tummy with the wand when she told me to look up at the screen. She said there are 2 heads! Your definetley having twins. OMG, I was so excited to tell my boyfriend. I felt like reaching for my phone and calling everyone I knew. The tech had to call the front desk to push back her next appt because she's going to be doing measurements on 2 babies!

So when my boyfriend came to pick me up he said I had the biggest smile on my face so he knew something was up. He said, "It's twins isn't it?" I handed him the ultrasound pictures and he was like "No way! I knew it". It was funny.

I had a good pregnancy. No sickness, hardley any swelling, I was all baby. Gained 50 lbs and delivered at 38 weeks via C-section.

Tia and Khloe were 2 minutes apart and weighed 6.6 and 5.5 on May 11, 2011. They are identical. My actual due date was May 25th 2011. The same day my boyfriend and I went to Maui a year earlier to concieve. :)

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Apr 13, 2012
Odds of Twins
by: Anonymous

Your odds of having identical twins is about 1 in 285. It is a completely random event and is pretty even across ages and nationalities.

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