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Let's talk twin baby names!

Finding the perfect name for just one baby can be fun and bewildering at the same time. Choosing the perfect TWIN baby names...Well, perhaps you'll have more of a struggle! You may even want to find out what you're having first so you don't have to come up with too many combinations.

Although, some parents do enjoy the surprise of not knowing and may have easily settled on the names to begin with. Those parents probably will not be visiting this particular page! But, for the rest of you soon-to-be parents of twins here are some helpful, fun, and interesting ideas to get you started on the quest for your ideal twin baby names.

Names That Start With The Same Letter

Choosing baby names for twins that start with the same letter seems to be the most popular preference. And it's probably the most straightforward way to keep a bit of similarity between twin names.

Examples: Jacob & Joshua, Madison & Matthew, Hailey & Hannah.

Names That Sound Similar Or Rhyme

Another common choice, these names will typically sound very similar or even rhyme. They may or may not start with the same letter.

Examples of names that sound similar: Taylor & Tyler, Jade & Jayden, Christian & Christopher, Megan & Morgan, Ava & Olivia, DeeAnn & AnnDee.

Examples of names that rhyme: Jason & Mason, Zoe & Chloe, Jayden & Hayden, Zane & Cain, Sage & Gage.

Twin Baby Names Using Anagrams

You can get truly creative here. By rearranging the letters of one name, you will essentially have two names with the same letters that sound totally different. And if you think out of the box a bit you can produce some really fun, unique twin names.

Examples: Myra & Mary, Alan & Lana, Lacey & Alyce, Evan & Neva.

Names In Reverse

There are not many names that work easily with this concept. But it is a distinctive way to go about naming twins.

Examples: Heaven & Nevaeh, Aidan & Nadia, Noel & Leon.

Names With The Same/Similar Meaning

This variety of names will have either the same meaning or be different names for the same type of thing. Sound confusing? Just look at some of the examples.

Examples of names with the same meaning: Corinne & Corrina (both mean maiden in Greek), Chad & Kellie (both mean warrior in Celtic and Irish), Brian & Carl (both mean strong in Celtic and Old English).

Examples of names for the same type of thing: Rose & Daisy (both types of flowers), Aspen & Laurel (both types of trees), River & Sky (both types of things in nature).

Names That Are Completely Unrelated

The sky’s the limit when you just want to choose two names for your twins that you are particularly keen on. Certainly, many parents will go this route.

Examples: Dion & Sherry, Michael & Lola, Frank & Kevin, Marie & Pheobe.

Most Popular Names For Twins

The Social Security Administration gathers information every year to compile their most popular baby names as well as twin baby names. It's fun to check out. You can even search the top names for each state and by year too!  If you want ideas, it's a great way to get started.

Always remember, you will find the perfect names for your children. Sometimes you have to shut out the opinions of everyone else and go with what makes sense for your own family. There will always be people out there who want to have a say or give their two cents. Just take it all with a grain of salt. 

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