Twin Bellies Questions

by Hayliee

What is the average time for a twin belly to start visibly showing? Around what time do you usually start feeling movements from the babies? Also, how soon can you determine the sex of your babies?

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Feb 23, 2011
first timer
by: Shana

I am 33 weeks pregnant with twin girls. It is my first pregnancy. I started to show around 12 weeks. The first time I felt movement was around 18 weeks or so. They usually determine the sex of the babies around 20 weeks. Everyone is different so if you aren't feeling movement or you aren't showing around the same time..its ok! Ive gained more weight than what everyone says is normal, but my doctor says its ok and I feel great, my girls are getting big, they are almost the same exact size. So we are all happy. good luck!

Jul 16, 2010
Twin Bellies
by: Anonymous

I am 15 weeks today but started to show at 8 weeks. This is my 4th pregnancy. I found out it was twins at 14 weeks. As far as feeling them, I started to feel the flutters at 14 weeks.

Jun 18, 2010
Feeling flutters
by: Coolrelax2

I'm starting to feel flutters at 10 weeks. This is my first pregnancy so I'm surprised to be feeling anything this early, but it feels like a little butterfly caught in a net. So far only felt movement in the one spot. Makes me want to tell the other one to get movin' so I know he/she is in there as well, lol.

Mar 31, 2010
Showing and Movement
by: Jennie

Hi! I am currently 27 weeks with boy/girl twins. I started showing at 9 weeks and started wearing maternity pants at that time. They told me the sex at 15 weeks and I make them double check every appt. to make sure! I felt movement at 16 weeks and felt kicks at 19 weeks. This is my 3rd pregnancy, so I may have shown earlier than normal. Good luck with your twins!

Mar 17, 2010
Twin boys
by: Anonymous

I have twin boys, born June 17,09! I started showing in the begininng of April but felt movement very early on. Found out @ 9 weeks I was having twins(fraternal). Had them @ 38 wks via c-section cause baby b was breech and I was going into labor. This was my 3rd pregnancy baby 5lbs 5oz, baby b 5lbs 13oz. I have 4 boys! Love it! Scared to try for the grl! But yes every1 is definitely different. I gained 26lbs total. I think I weigh more now!

Mar 15, 2010
Twin Belly
by: Anonymous

It is hard to say when you will start showing. Everyone starts at different times. Some one look so tiny, but are very pregnant. With one baby, you usually start feeling movement at 16 weeks. However, they are twins so it may be sooner. Remember, everyone is different. :)

Mar 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

I started showing at 12 weeks (second pregnancy too) and felt movement at 14weeks. Kicks at 16 weeks

Mar 01, 2010
11 weeks
by: Anonymous

I was noticibly pregnant at 11 weeks and measured 20 at 13, but I am very small so there was nowhere to go but out and OUT I went, a very long way.

I felt movement at about 15 weeks.

Good luck w your pregnancy

Feb 28, 2010
moving and showing
by: Anonymous

I could feel my twins at 10 weeks (only the faintest flutter) and started showing at about 15 weeks. Last week, at 17 weeks, I was pregnant looking enough that strangers congratulated me.

Feb 28, 2010
For me...
by: Denise

I starting showing at 14 weeks and now at 16 weeks, I have a pretty large bump. I am now wearing maternity clothes.

I had an ultasound on Friday, I was 15 weeks 5 days and I was told I am having 2 boys.

I have not felt any movement yet.

Feb 28, 2010
by: Stephanie

Everyone is different.
But on Average I would say showing around 17 Weeks, Movement around 20-22 Weeks, And the sexes can usually be determined around the 20th week, if they can get a good enough angle.
Usually if it is your first pregnancy it might take a while to feel movement and to show. If it is a second or more, movement can usually be felt around 17 Weeks and you may show earlier than that aswell.

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