Twin Birthdays?

by Lisa Borrego
(Trenton, Florida)

I had our fraternal twin boy's birthday this past August and one of my mom's friends said to me, "Why don't you have the boy's birthdays on different days? Like have one boy's birthday party this weekend and the other one's birthday party next weekend?"

After my initial mouth dropping shock of how absurd that would be - to have to plan two separate parties on two separate days and all the expense and of the party, let alone the invitations and why would people want to show up to a party two weeks in a row for children clearly born on the same day...So before I started to get angry and could think of a million things I would really like to say to this (fill in the blank) woman ...I decided to smile and simply say, "They were born on the same day, I am going to keep their parties today and in the future on the same day - if for some reason when they are older and want to dress differently or have their birthday separate with their friends and they are paying for it, then by all means that will be their choice, but for now - this is MINE!

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