Twin Pregnancy at 38 Weeks - Boy/Girl

by Kristy Rivera
(Farmingville, NY)

Pregnant with my Matthew and Mia

Pregnant with my Matthew and Mia

I gave birth a week and a half after this picture was taken at 38 and a half weeks pregnant! I'm only 4'11 and at birth my daughter weighed 6lbs 10oz and my son was 7lbs 4oz! I couldn't believe I lasted SOOO long!!!! Thank God I had an amazing complaints until the last couple of weeks when I started to swell and I thought my skin was going to tear!

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Aug 16, 2019
by: Anonymous

Congrats, u look amazing ive been looking at photos u poke out the most, must b amazing. I'm late almost a week going to take a test in few days. Im on my third pregnancy we are hoping for twins. Have 2 daughters. Praying for a boy. God bless you and your family.

Aug 12, 2013
Happy 4 U!
by: Anonymous

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and having two healthy babies....

Oct 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

Your a wonderwoman. It looks impossible that you can still stand when you belly gets so big. I can't believe that the skin can even stretch that much. The things that we can acheive with our bodies and minds, never ceases to amaze me! And your photo and positive outcome gives me so much confidence. I'm 5 ft and 16 weeks and I feel huge already with my twins. These will be my 3rd and 4th and I'm thrilled and terrified. Hope your settling into it and that your getting some sleep ;-)

Oct 19, 2010
did you get stretch marks???
by: Brittani

im really worried i have 3 kids already no stretchmarks and im sooo scared now to get them it dont run in my fam i have good skin but did you get em and hows ur skin now.. im soo worried..

Oct 08, 2010
by: candace

Amazing! I am 15 weeks and 5 days today and was just on here to browse out of curiosity. I have the height in my favor at 5'5 but my pre pregnancy weight was only 99lbs and in scared to death on how im going to pull this off! You look great

Sep 16, 2010
You give me hope!
by: Anonymous

I was concerned about being able to carry twins as I am only 5'0". But you have given me hope that I can indeed carry these babies to term!

Aug 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

I keep wondering if I will ever get that big. I'm 5'7'' 20 weeks prego and measuing at 28weeks. That's awesome that you made it that far! Congrats!

Aug 26, 2010
You are a soldier!!
by: Anonymous

Congratulations!! On the delivery of two healthy babies!!

Aug 16, 2010
Small too
by: Cathy

I'm only 10weeks just found out that I'm having twins and the doctors are already talking about bed rest since I'm only 4'10. I'm happy to see you made it so far and gives me hope

Jul 27, 2010
answer your questions...
by: Kristy

Thank God I didn't get much bigger than that! Umm I have pictures from when I was walking into the OR for my c-section but I have the gown on so you really can't see how big I really was!

Jul 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

Beautiful and incredible for your size. Did you get any bigger in the last week and a half? Was this the final photo?

Jul 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

I'm scared for that I'm 4'10" and 15 wks 5 days and I'm as big as I was with my daughter at 7 months I can see myself looking just like this! OMG! Glad everything went well!

Jul 11, 2010
Bless you
by: Angie- Selden NY

I give you so much credit. I am the same height and 32 weeks and every day I count my blessings.I feel like my stomach is going to explode. I so glad for you that you babies had such wonderful birth weights. Hope all is well.

Jul 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

congrats that's great weights...mine were born at 39 weeks at 8.6 and 7.10 :)

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