Twin Pregnancy - Constantly Uncomfortable!

by Kellie

I am over 18 weeks pregnant with twins, 1st pregnancy, and I am always very uncomfortable. Morning sickness has been slowing, and not every day anymore, and I have a little more energy, but I always have "growing" pains and pelvic presure, and I am wondering if this is normal. My doctor says everything looks VERY good. I am plus size to begin with, but my blood pressure has been normal and all tests have been good. Everyone I know who was pregnant (with just 1) absolutely LOVED being pregnant. I feel a little guilty that I am, dispite being excited for the babies, miserable and whiney! Any tips/advise? I feel a little worthless!

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Jul 18, 2014
Twin pregnancy
by: Alee

I agree as well I'm at 27weeks and have been uncomfortable since the beginning. My first pregnancy was a breeze compared to this. I also have severe pelvic pain issues but according to the doctors it's normal for multiple pregnancies. They suggested wearing a maturnity belt. Good luck with your twins!

Mar 21, 2012
been there
by: Anonymous

Oh....I know the feeling! I recently gave birth to twin boys and i was uncomfortable the WHOLE time! I have two other children and those pregnancies were a breeze compared to the twins. I used to think of my pregnancy as a 9 month endurance test. From peeing every 30 min (not kidding!), to not being able to breath to being completely exhausted, it was tough. Don't feel guilty about being "whiney",you are growing two human beings! I wish I could tell you it gets better but unfortunately its just plain hard. The good news is you are about to join an exclusive club of mothers who have been blessed with the best miracle of all....twins:) Hang in will be so worth it!

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