Twin Pregnancy - Gestational Age 2 Weeks Apart?

by Pinks

I am 8 weeks pregnant and just had an early scan which showed 2 sacs and 2 heart beats. Nurse said it is a viable twin pregnancy but one fetus is growing at a slower rate and is only 6 weeks in size. The larger one is dating correctly at 8 weeks. I am obviously very anxious and nervous.

Has anyone experienced this type of pregnancy? Will the smaller twin be fine and catch up? I don't have any scans now till the 12th week and the wait is very long.


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Jul 17, 2016
Gestational age 2weeks apart
by: Anonymous

Most times one baby will always be ahead of the other it will be that way even up till when they're born . I recall how worried I was with one growing faster than the other , but eventually I discovered I hadn't any need to worry at all . My twin baby A was born 4pounds 9ounces and Twin Baby B ..4ibs8.. They are 6 months today while Twin A has tripled her birth weight Twin B has doubled her birth weight .

Please do not worry at all ! I wish someone told me . Just make sure you stay hydrated and eat your fruits and veggies to keep them both healthy despite their weight disparity .

Sep 17, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi! What ended up happening? In a similar situation. Hope you are well!

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