Twin Pregnancy Weight Gain and Bed Rest?

by Tiffany
(Shepherdsville, KY)

Hey, I am 20 weeks with twin girls. When I first got pregnant I weighed between 95 and 98 lbs, I now weigh 110. Is that a bad thing? The babies are where they should be, but I haven't gained much weight. Now I am on bed rest because I started having contractions at 17 weeks and was still having them at 19 weeks, so I had to get some medication for them. But, since I am on bed rest what if I still don't gain the weight? I have a very fast metabolism, and Im eating like I should and taking all my vitamins.

Can anyone tell me is it bad that I'm 20 weeks and only gained 12-15 pounds?

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Apr 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

I would agree and go get the book, I read it in 4 hrs. couldnt put it down.

Apr 01, 2010
My advice
by: Michelle Ford

I didn't gain weight until between my 5th and 6th month into the pregnancy. If you are eating like you should and they are at the weight they should be you should be ok. Just keep up with the doctor appointments and see what he/she says. Everyone is different; we carry our children different. If you have any questions or would like to chat more just add me :). I'd be glad to give you some advice the best I can. Take care!

Apr 01, 2010
You need to get this book!!
by: Courtney

I would recommend ordering the book "When You're Expecting Twins,Triplets,or Quads" Proven Guidelines for a Healhty Multiple Pregnancy". It is coauthored by a Dr and a twin mom and has the BEST guide for nutrition I have found anywhere and all her info is based on the Multiple studies that have been done based out of the Univ of Mich, Miami, and Maryland and her book has been mentioned in a lot of the literature I have read. I am a RN and thought myself pretty savvy in this area but boy was I wrong!! Not only is the info crucial for healthy multiple pregnancies but there are also sample meal plans, recipes, etc that ties everything together. I bought mine off of Amazon. Hope that helps and best of luck--and drink your water!!!!

Mar 30, 2010
Good luck
by: Stephanie

When they say in twin pregnancy that you should gain anywhere from 30-50 pounds, they mean by the end. Keep in mind you have half of your pregnancy left. As long as you eat the amount of calories you should be eating, and your doctor has not shown concern, you are doing well. I am sorry to hear that you are on bed rest so early on. Just make sure that you drink lots of water because dehydration also causes contractions. Good luck!

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