Twins + 1 Sibling Car Seat Advice

by Babs

I have a 2 1/2 year old. She is very capable but unsure she can buckle herself. She is also very tall and healthy so she is in a carseat for those who are 40 lbs (the type that uses a regular seat belt). I want her to try it out before the babies come to get used to it but would also like to place the baby seats so she gets used to having to manuever and buckle herself. Anything she can do independently will help immensely!!!

Anyway, any advice on where to place the twins' car seats? We have a Jeep that has a row of 3 seats directly behind the driver/passenger and then also the option of 2 seats behind those (after folding a seat down).

I have seen baby seat, toddler seat, baby seat. We have also considered the two baby seats in the middle row with the toddler seat in the back row (although I think she will feel left out if that is the case).

Any suggestions, advice, expertise?

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