Twins! 7 wks 5 days - Ultrasound Image

I had an ultrasound Monday 1/12/09 to look for a heartbeat. I think the ultrasound tech was as shocked as I was! We are praying for two healty babies in August 2009.

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Jan 12, 2014
by: Anonymous

My husband and were expecting our FIRST BABY and when I went in for an ultrasound at 6 weeks they found two heartbeats, both growing strong!
Now im 8 Weeks and Cant wait for my next ultrasound (feb 11/th) !!
Feeling very blessed!!!
COngrats to all the other twin parents out there expecting!
ONE WORD OF ADVICE : PRAY! throughout the entire pregnancy works :)

May 16, 2013
My twins
by: Amanda

I had an ultrasound last week and we saw one sack. The following week I was suppose to be 6 weeks and 3 days or so and the ultrasound revealed two sacks, baby a sack measures at 5weeks 4 days and baby b sack measuring at 5 weeks 3 days. Hcg doubling like it should. They think that I'm only 5weeks and some days instead of 6 weeks and some days which is why we can still only see sacks. I'm very excited and scared. Twins don't run in our family, which I know that genetics don't matter when it comes it identical twins, which we don't know yet. I've seen other ultrasounds with twins online that look just like mine for the time frame. Can anyone else tell me when they started seeing the baby inside of the sack?? I think anytime after six weeks.

Jan 12, 2013
having twins
by: Anonymous

I'm 6 weeks.. went to e.r first ultrasound only seen 1 .. went to a private doctor got another ultrasound then seen 2 heart beats.. im so nervous and anxious at the sametime... my husband and i are so shocked we have 3 kids already....

Dec 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

Went in last week at 6 weeks and had an ultrasound because of cramping, they found the babies heart beat and but me at ease. Went in yesterday for a 7 week ultrasound to double check everything and they found out that I was carrying TRIPLETS! Unfortunately, we lost one of them, already formed into a blood clot. Twin "B" looks good, right size and heart beat but we couldn't find a heart beat in twin "A". But the Dr. called it undetermined and I will find out in 2 weeks if both babies are vital. So crazy because this pregnancy was a surprise! And to think I was carrying triplets! I pray the remaining two can hold on!I have 2 daughters 11 and 9 -so you can see what a shock all of this is!

Dec 06, 2011
38 yrs old and pregnant with twins
by: Anonymous

I am 38yrs old and pregnant with twiws. My husband and I found out we were gonna have another baby on 11/16/11 the following wk we had a sono just to make sure things were okay I was 5 wks. Then at my 2nd appointment I was 7 1/2 wks and had another sono and found out we are having twins. I am so happy and over joyed. I do have a lot of nausea and vomiting and i work in a childrens clinic so its hard to make it through a whole day without vomiting. How long does this last. im at 8 wks and 2 days today. Please help. P.S also have a lot of cramping and im showing already. this will be my 3rd pregnancy.

Sep 10, 2011
by: savanna

Hey everyone I'm 22 yrs old and I'm pregnant with my first child when I was 6 weeks my husband and I found out we were having faternal twins!! There both n there own sac! I'm so excited n nervous cuz I don't want nothing to happend to them...I love them already!:)

Jun 02, 2011
im not sure if im having twins or the other sac is full of blood im very worried
by: Anonymous

hi ive just had my dating scan today and found out in 9 weeks 1 day but we are worried coz ive got two dif sacs but not sure if it could be twins or blood if anyone can give me some advice if its normal as the smaller sac dont seem to have anything in it and is alot smaller than the one with baby

May 04, 2011
Twins, yeah
by: beth

This is the second time I got pregnant to twins. I lost my first set of twins due to cromozomal abnormalies, sadness was very deep I could not even cry. Now I am having an other set of twins. Being single having IVF babies, being student, with an little income do not put me down. Life is re-organized around them and no complain. I have 7 months to be in happy end, all I want happy , healthy babies. Congrats to all other twin moms and dads.

Mar 31, 2011
mommys twin girls
by: Anonymous

my first time i was 4 weeks and we could see the we were having twins
they are 1 year and 7 mth tomorrow

i have 2 girls and i have normal bith so proud of myself

Mar 07, 2011
My first pregnancy
by: Nix

Twins!!! imagine my shock when the monitor was turned in my direction.....i thought i was just hearing the very strong heartbeat of a singleton, needless to say i left the radiology lab with my bottom jaw fixed into my chest. ha ha. My boyfriend and are pleasantly surprised about the babies and look forward to all the surprises and milestons. All we care for is happy healthy strong babies.

Nov 02, 2010
Expecting twins!!!
by: Anonymous

We are 5 weeks with twins, don't know if their identical or fraternal!! Don't care just hope their healthy!!! Good luck to everyone!!!

Sep 30, 2010
twin size
by: Anonymous

i was 16 when i found out i was prego w body changed like twins wee diffrent sizes she was 4 pounds 11 oz and he was 5pounds 10oz. they were a good waiy 4 36week old babys. the only bad thing of beeing so small were that they were @ the hosp 4 about 1month. just because 1 is smaller doent mean u will lose 1 its just how it is.

Sep 19, 2010
Seventeen And Pregnant
by: MZ17

I,m seventeen years old with my first baby needless to find out it's twins. I'm very excited but have a lot of questions because it's my first. I'm spotting, and the doctor told me they were different in size what should i expect will i lose 1, I'm really scared one will not make it. can someone give me some encouraging words of what to expect with twins.

Jun 28, 2010
Twins here!
by: Brennaden and Richards Mom

My husband and I just found out that our month and a half pregnancy is going to be twins!!!! We are thrilled. We are calling them by the names that we have picked for singles, but for now they are going to be Brin and Richard!

Jun 26, 2010
Almost 11 months old now!
by: The Mom

The girls from this ultrasound are now almost 11 month old and doing great! Congratulations to all of you who are expecting twins!

Jun 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

We are also expecting twins January 2011. They are both in their own sacs but from what people have pointed out to me, there is only one placenta. Identical runs on my dads side (4 sets) and there is 1 set of fraternal on my mom's side. I am so eager to find out the sex and if they will be identical or fraternal! I have been experiencing A LOT of fatigue and I am nauseous almost all day. I have actually only gotten sick about a dozen times but I am pretty certain I have found the triggers of what makes me sick.

Jun 25, 2010
Twins delight
by: Londanathi and Londeka's dad

My wife and I just found out that we having twins!! There is no history of twins in both our families!!! We love both of them even at this early stage!!! We don't know as yet whether they are identical or fraternal but either way...they are our joy and delight!!!

Jun 04, 2010
My first
by: Anonymous

My husband are exepcting twins in Januaary 2011. They are in their own little sacs but only time will tell if they are identical or fraternal. Both types of twins run in my family!

Jan 07, 2010
Twins again
by: C Penning

I had identical twin boys 5yrs ago but we lost 1 & had emergency c section at 28 weeks, My partner & I just found out are 6 weeks pregnant with twins again both have been conceived naturally.

Aug 27, 2009
update on these babies
by: the mom

Our girls arrived Aug 5, 2009! We didn't know for sure until they were born if they would be fraternal or identical. They are fraternal, and weighed 6lbs 8oz and 6lbs 2oz.

Aug 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

Is this ultrasound pick of fraternal or identical twins? Mine looks just like this and at my ultrasound on 8/10/09 I was 7 weeks 3 days.

May 14, 2009
by: Anonymous


Apr 09, 2009
update on these cute babies!
by: Twin Mom

We just found out at my 20 week ultrasound that both of these little cuties are GIRLS! :)

Apr 03, 2009
Early Symptoms
by: Anonymous

My wife is also in her first trimester and experiencing the very same symptoms. We called the doctor and found that it is very normal. if you have any concerns you should contact your doctor. If nothing else it is important to keep your mind at ease in these early weeks.

Mar 16, 2009
Expecting twins 1st time
by: Nahutee

I am only in my first trimester but already I'm showing & every now and then I feel movement in there. At first I thought it was just bloathing but my Dr. told me not to be alarmed it is completely normal with multiples.I have also been experiencing spotting somekind of brownish discharge with traces of blood. Has anything like this ever happened to any of you out

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