Twins? Are You Sure?

by Angela

Once my son turned two my husband and I talked about having another baby. With my job being unstable we decided to wait. Once a solid job came about we began trying.

I was disappointed when we didn't conceive right away and I began to thank God for my 3 year old son and asked him to change the desires of my heart if it wasn't his will for us to have another baby. My sister then announced she was pregnant and I began to feel even worse.

A month later I took a test and it was positive. We went to the Dr. when I was 5 weeks pregnant. I was filled with joy when the Dr. said ok there's the first heartbeat and there's the second heartbeat. My husband, on the other hand, was horrified! I had to convince him to have just one more (his a single child). I've always wanted three children. He gulped and asked the Dr. WHAT? ARE YOU SURE? TWINS? NO WAY! ARE YOU SURE? The Dr. kept repeating himself as he showed us the two embryos on the ultrasound monitor. God has a sense of humor because the babies are due on my husband's birthday.

This pregnancy has been very challenging. When I was 19 weeks my father-in-law passed away from APL cancer. This triggered stress, which caused me to end up hospitalized for pre-term labor. I had the cerclage procedure done, and I've been on bed rest ever since! I'm now 26 weeks and taking medication for contractions daily.

Despite all the obstacles and challenges I know these babies are a gift from God. I pray everyday for the two boys God has added to our family. My husband and I feel doubly blessed and know these events will allow us to appreciate the little guys all that much more when we've had no sleep for weeks and feel like weeping in a corner from exhaustion! LOL! God Bless all you Mother's out there!

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Jun 05, 2012
How far a mother will go...
by: Anonymous

At 29 weeks I began having contractions 4 min apart. After a round of terbutiline, procardia increase, and torodel, I moved on to magnesium sulfate. This is day 13 in the hospital. I'm on complete bed rest with a catheder, ivs and wet rags over my body to help with the side effects of mag. Sulfate. I've gone into labor twice, but they've managed to stop it...everytime I do, my uterus gets a little more fragile. I'm now lying at a slant 24/7. I love my babies and would rather suffer than watch them suffer n NICU. One day of suffering for me is two less days for them. I can do all things through Christ who stregnthens me.

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