Twins Foreseen?

by Kellie

My husband and I always knew we wanted children. Maybe two or even three. We started trying to conceive on our honeymoon. Months went by and we still remained hopeful and anxious that we would soon get that fabulous second line on the home pregnancy test indicating a positive result. Unfortunately, a few more years went by with no luck. We had all of the standard tests done to make sure things were working properly with our reproductive organs. We were young and healthy. The doctor finally chalked it up to "unexplained infertility" and proceeded to tell us our options for infertility treatments or IVF (in vitro fertilization). None of these alternatives appealed to either of us. So, with much sorrow, we decided to move on with our lives and remain hopeful that one day we still might be blessed with a child.

Then, one weekend when I was visiting with some girlfriends in San Francisco, we decided that it would be a real kick to go and have our palms read by a psychic. I mean, what the heck, it was cheap entertainment at only twenty bucks a reading and we might even learn something insightful. So we proceeded to a funky, new age-y, incense smelling, store that had several psychics on hand for private readings. We paid the fee and were promptly taken, separately, by our respective psychics, into tiny, red velvet lined, windowless, rooms.

I won't bore you with the details of what was a very short, general reading. But, I would like to share something interesting that this psychic told me after I asked if I would ever have any children (I never even hinted about my troubles, by the way). Anyhow, she obliged me by taking a close look at the side of my hand which apparently revealed all about this subject, to her anyway. Then she proceeded to tell me, rather nonchalantly, that I would indeed have a child, then a set of twins, and then another single child. I really thought she was nuts at this point! I don't know what I was expecting her to say, but it sure wasn't that I was going to have four children. It made the whole experience seem even more like a hoax especially after what my husband and I had been through.

Later, when we were finished with our readings, us gals divulged what we had been told. No one had anything groundbreaking to say until it was my turn. I retold what the psychic said about all of these kids I would have, and twins to boot! Needless to say, we all had a huge laugh and went on to have a great weekend drinking good wine, chatting, and catching up...The psychic experience promptly forgotten.

Several months later, I had decided to purchase an electronic ovulation detector in one last effort to conceive. Miraculously, after using it for the first time, I found out I was indeed pregnant. I had to take about eight home pregnancy tests to confirm this marvel to myself. When I told my husband, he couldn't even believe it! Finally, after four long years of trying we were going to have a baby. We welcomed our daughter into the world on Thanksgiving Day.

Soon thereafter, I received a phone call from my Grandmother. She wanted to tell me about a dream she'd had. She said it was just so real that it had to have some significance. She went on to tell me I was going to have twins because she saw them in this dream...But, she could only see them from behind, and she was telling my husband that they needed hair cuts because they were boys not girls. Well, I began to wonder, not about what the psychic had said, but if my Grandmother was finally losing her marbles! I seriously did not even give it a second thought. I mean, we don't even have twins in our family and I felt so lucky to just have one child.

This quirky dream aside, we did decide to try for another baby after our daughter was just over a year old. I whipped out my trusty ovulation detector and got pregnant the first month I used it! I have to admit, I was honestly beginning to think the thing was magic and wondered why I had never thought to buy one years ago.
I scheduled an appointment with my obstetrician and went in to see him when I was around eight weeks pregnant. My husband came along to watch the ultrasound that would confirm our little miracle. Except, the doctor did not detect one heartbeat, but two! After my husband almost fell out of his chair he came over to grab my hand. We were in utter shock and disbelief, to say the least. The doctor assured us that they were definitely twins and gave his congratulations. We walked out of his office on an invisible cloud of sheer delight.

After calling my Grandmother to tell her the news and listening to her inevitable "I told you so's," thoughts of the psychic returned to me like a flood. Had she really foreseen my children? Was it just luck or coincidence? Why did my Grandmother also have the same inclination? Am I fated to have that fourth child that she spoke of, as well? No one will know for sure, but what I do know is that my life is full and rich with my daughter and, you guessed it, twin sons with long hair.

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Oct 21, 2018
Hi everyone
by: Anonymous

Hi i had several psychics predict that i. I would get pregnant with twins some of them would tell me when i ask if if they she kids for me they would tell me that i am meant to be a mother of 3 kids two girls in one boy Which the girls would be identical twins then i would have a little boy after them. So i don't really know but i guess it could be true only time would tell tho in i only just get the reading for fun not to take it seriously

Jun 03, 2013
Twins Foreseen? Still a no show
by: Anonymous

My mom was at a clothes store when my sister was just 6 weeks old and a women came up to her and was chatting away with her. After a few minutes she tells her she's psychic. My mom and my aunt were kind of a bit wary but went along with it. She told them both of the baby my aunt lost at a few weeks and about some of my moms kids (including me & she never mentioned other kids to this woman)

So the woman looked at my mom and my aunt and said she was getting strong vibes from one of them. She then turned to my mom and smiled. She told her there was twin boys coming into our family. My mom laughed and said that my sister (6 weeks old) was her last child (6th child) and she wasn't having any more. There is also no twins on either side of the family. She told me this when she got home and we laughed about it.

A couple of months back, although I am only 18 I had a pregnancy scare and so did my mother. We both checked out and we're fine.

Recently my brother is seeing this girl who is a twin and my mom is getting vibes and telling him to use protection and be extra careful. I guess only time will tell.

Oct 30, 2012
Twin Predictions
by: Anonymous

I too have a little psychic experience with twins!

I have one son, who is 3 1/2 years old at the moment. We have been trying to give him a sibling for 2 1/2 years, to no avail. Despite my son insisting that he wanted nothing to do with a sibling, we continued to try.

Fast forward to about two months ago. I had an appointment to visit my first psychic/medium. A few nights before, while cuddling before bed, my son curled up in my lap and said while patting my belly, "There needs to be two baby girls in your belly." Completely out of nowhere. I asked him why he said this, and he just shrugged and smiled. Upon seeing the medium, I was told I would be having a baby girl and that conception would be happening soon with November and December being significant months. She said I was about to go a different route and that this would work for me. I honestly hadn't told her about my upcoming appointment with a fertility specialist. She said she saw my grandmother, who passed a number of years ago, holding the baby.

That same day, I decided to sit with another psychic just to see if I would get a similar read. Without saying a word about babies to him, he said to me, "You'll be having two baby girls." I immediately began to cry and blurted, "My son told me that the other night!" He smiled and just said, "Your son is very intuitive."

Of course I told my partner all about the readings. He seemed concerned that I might get my hopes too high, so I kept my mouth shut and didn't say anything to anyone else. Despite staying quiet, my son has continued to randomly mention his "sisters" and how he needs to practice for when they come.

Just a few weeks ago, a friend of mine came for a visit. While she was getting ready to leave at the end of the visit, she casually said, "Oh, I had a dream about you the other night. You had twin girls!"

Needless to say, I'm dying of curiosity. I'm convinced this is all the Universe's way of preparing me mentally and why it has taken so long to get pregnant this time- my son needed the time to adjust as much as I have! The only thing that doesn't fit the puzzle is the first psychic's reading of only one girl. BUT upon meditating a while ago, I heard a voice in my head saying, "Your mom was holding the other one." My mom passed when I was eight, and her mother is the one who was seen holding the first baby.

Only time will tell.

Apologies for the long comment/story. I was just way too excited when I came across all of these other experiences of twin predictions.

Oct 24, 2010
by: Danielle

Last November, I also went to a psychic just for fun with a friend. The psychic told me that I would be having twins. I have been slightly obsessed with the idea ever since. We have been trying to conceive for 3 1/2 years. I went to a second psychic to see if she also foresaw twins. She said that she saw two children for me and that they may be twins. She said I would get pregnant in November which is next month. During both readings I asked if I would have children, but did not let on until later that I was trying to conceive. I remain about 90% skeptical, but I'm sure I will be more than a little disappointed if there's no pregnancy next month. I was curious to hear a story from someone else with a similar experience. Hearing that you are going to have twins from a psychic was such an unexpected prediction. Thanks for sharing your story.

Nov 27, 2009
Twins Forseen...
by: Katie Stolz

What a great story Kellie. I have one that's pretty good also, maybe for another time. I do have to say, just that I knew I was having twins weeks before anyone told me, but I didn't want to say anything out of fear of sounding crazy. I mean, who really knows these things anyway?? But for some reason I just knew it. At my first ultrasound, I was just waiting for the sonographer to prove me wrong..holding my breath that I was definately thinking crazy.
When she told me it was taking so long because there were two, I was in utter shock, even though I felt like I knew it already. I asked her if she was joking, and she said she wouldn't joke about these things, and proceded to measure "baby A, and baby B, printing off lots of little pictures..while I was in shock, shaking like a leaf..that was one of the happiest moments of my life, I had always wanted twins..just didnt know that God would bless me so much!
I had been getting my husband and friends use to the idea of my thoughts of having twins for weeks, and they kept telling me I was too young to have twins, and that I was probably just feeling worse this pregnancy because I was 10 years older this time. My husband said if it turns out to be twins, there would just be two blessings instead of one. I love that :)

Sep 05, 2009
When i found out i was having twins
by: Laura Jane Mcfelin

Fate is definitely a funny thing!!!

You were obviously destined to wait until the timing was just right for your children - bet your looking forward to that fourth lol.

As for me - twins do run on both sides of the gene pool, but after having 3, it just never occured to us that we would be having 2 at once.

It was a week before my first scan (12wk) - that i was actually joking with my m.w about he whole twin thing, but she assured me tht id be definitely showing by then (boy was she wrong).
So at that first scan - i was too preocupied with seeing a little bub. When the ladies voice changed and she said 'how many were you expecting' - wow, without using the 'f' word i replied with how many is there.
And there they were 2 little babies on the screen - i spent the next 10 minutes laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face, what else could i do.

Now with approx 8 weeks to go - i still find myself randomly laughing, truthfully not sure if its actually hit me yet - that im gonna be bringing home two babies. Maybe when im breast feeding 2 at once or having to push out a second one at the birth.

But one things for sure - im gonna have to keep spare batteries on charge to keep me going.
Life has a funny way of constantly challenging you.

Laura x

Jun 28, 2008
Cool story!
by: Anonymous

I might have to change my opinion on psychics. Your twins are so cute with that hair!

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