Twins Napping Without Pacifiers

by Lisa
(Fresno, Ca)

I am trying to get my 7 month old twisn to nap without their pacifiers. Does anyone have any tips? Any advice on twin naps would be great.

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Jul 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

Mine our only 2 months old. My son could care less about his pacifier, but my daughter will cry like a cat for hers. When we put her down for a nap, we try not to give it to her at all. Then if she starts to cry, I try running my hands over her head and cupping her face and using my thumbs to smooth under her eyes - the whole while talking to her calmly. Sometimes she drifts right off to sleep without it and sometimes it buys me 20 minutes. Either way it is another coping method to teach her that she doesn't always need the pacifier to soothe her to sleep. Good luck!

Jul 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

sorry i don't have any other advice to offer except just throw them in the trash....i know easier said then done but eventually they will adjust and it will be fine lol

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