Twins - One Crib or Two?

by Lisa

Hi. I am due in January, a boy and a girl! Just trying to plan ahead. I hear most couples try to keep the babies in the same crib for the first few months, and even the same room for the first few years. Is this true? Is it healthy? Is it better to seperate them into different rooms at some point?? Need opinions please!!!

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Aug 11, 2012
sleeping in same crib
by: Anonymous

I had my twins in the same crib for about five days then had seperated them I found when I did that they slept better and longer

Jul 30, 2010
separation is Ideal
by: Tzena U.K.

you need to encourage your babies not to rely too much on the other twin, seperation is ideal, as if later in life one ends up in hospital overnight , your other twin may struggle with out its twin, also when they go to school, they twin that has to go to school whilst its twin is absent, may feel insecure and fret about being parted from its twin, its just a good idea, Twins are great, Our boys are now 4 yrs 6 months starting school september, time has flown

Jul 30, 2010
how would you do it with one !!!
by: Tzena U.|K.

my twins slept in our room, till they were over 18 months old, when they were first born we had two moses baskets/cribs, to start with in hospital they shared they same cot thing, then when i got home, we had two moses baskets but it was a struggle for me to carry both up and down the stairs so i opted that through the day they would snuggle up together and on a night they went into their seperate beds, as they got to about 3 months old the day time thing, had to change and they had their own moses basket to sleep in through the day, as it got cramped in one.
When they slept on a night their moses baskets were placed in their own cots at either side of our bed, and then the transition to cot was smooth as they were already used to the surrounding, by being in moses basket in cot first, we then had a brief period of cotbeds, but then discovered toddler beds, my other half cleverly adapted two cots beds with some 2x2 timber and long screw to make out toddlers (who were then 18 months old) their very own toddler bunk beds, these are now in their own room and they have been ok in them, they have a bedtime routine, for 7pm with blackout blind and small plug in night light and wake around 6.30am, this works for us, Congratulations and good luck xxx

Jul 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

i had my twins in my room in the same crib for 2 weeks. then i moved them into their own cribs in the nursery, and they were fine with that.

Jul 29, 2010
For a little while!
by: Shelby

I had my boys in the same crib for about 4 weeks... They were major scooters, so it made me nervous. I'd walk in their room to find them practically on top of each other. I then moved them into separate cribs for a few months... until sleep training started... which forced them into separate ROOMS. Once they were both sleeping through the night I moved them back together and they are awesome sleepers now!!


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