Twins, Our Story

by Julie

My partner and I found out we were having fraternal twins when I was sent for a scan at 8 weeks. I had been having some sharp pains on the right side of my stomach so my doctor asked for the scan in case of an etopic pregnancy. As you can imagine I was worried sick I was going to lose my baby. The sonographer said "the baby is fine, and so is the one behind it". I couldn't believe what I was hearing and yet it had been at the back of my mind because my sickness had been so bad this time round (we also have a 2yr old daughter).

I'm 19 weeks now and well over the shock and looking forward to it. But, after I found out, it was a worry of how I would cope. I think because I'd already had 1 baby I knew the hard work involved, but 2 babies seemed impossible and I was worried my wee girl would feel left out. But now I just think, bring it on. Whatever happens I'll deal with it. Everything happens for a reason and how lucky are we to end up with 3 kids.

It wasn't that long ago I didn't think I could conceive naturally. We are very blessed and I thank my lucky stars for my family. It's all I've ever wanted after all.

Finding out next week their sex. Can't wait! Don't mind either as long as they're both healthy and like the world. x

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