Twins Stopped Growing at 32 Weeks?

by Sarra

I am 32 weeks 4 days pregnant with fraternal twin boys. I had an ultrasound at 29 weeks and everything looked great. Babies were growing well, one meausring about 3 lbs and other about 3 lbs 7 oz.

At my 30 week ob app. I was given the steroid shot. Other than the braxton-hicks, and normal pregnancy symptoms, I feel like I've stopped growing. Some people say I'm small for carrying twins and I know that's just opinions, but I feel the same way. I look about the same as 37 weeks (when I delivered) with my last baby. My clothes I was wearing about 4 weeks ago, still fit the same, and I guess I'm just worrying did the babies stop growing and that's why I'm not getting bigger?

Am I being paranoid or can this happen? I've heard some women's uterus' just stop growing, but is that for real?

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Oct 15, 2016
Twin boys mom 34 weeks
by: Anonymous

Im pregnant with twin boys, i got my steroid shot at week30
I went today (week34) for my ultrasound and both my twins measure the size of week 31
I dont know if i should be worried..
I have a follow up appointment with my OB, ill see if my OB says anything unusual about the ultrasound report

Dec 02, 2011
I felt the same
by: Briana

People tell me this to, but when you look at all the bellys of women with twins. i noticed that they all look like a regular pregnancy until about 30 weeks, thats when you start to look ginourmous

Mar 09, 2011
Also small
by: Anonymous

I was small my entire pregnancy and got comments about it constantly that made me feel horrible and self concious. I did everything to gain more including drinking 2 weight gain ensures a day and could not put it on. The funny thing is they grew just fine! They are 8 months old now and despite being born at 35 weeks at 5 lbs each, they are now 22 lbs and in the 95% of everything.

You'll be fine. The real problem is losing it afterward!

Mar 09, 2011
don't worry
by: Anonymous

Don't worry. Your babies didn't stop growing. One thing I did was take a picture of my belly each week in a plain white t-shirt standing sideways. That way I could compare because there were a lot of weeks I felt the same way. Your babies will be just fine - promise!

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