Twins Ultrasound -10 Weeks

by Heather

10 weeks 3 days - Due November 6th

10 weeks 3 days - Due November 6th

YEP! there is two! I was totally shocked there are no twins in the family and never knew anyone to have twins. this was my 1st ultrasound and we had no idea.

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Jul 11, 2016
My daughter is having twins
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone and congratulations to all the moms
My daughter found out 3wks ago she was having twins and they are identical twins.and same sex she was told the kicker is this her second set of twins.her first set are boys they will be 12 yrs old this month.
Will do other post best of luck to all the moms

Jul 28, 2012
by: tazeen

Hi katie

U just wrote my story m visiting 1st time this site and story was on top of all wish u best of luck but m feeling bid relax cos some body also like me here.

Thanking you

Nov 17, 2009
Twins in one amniotic sac?
by: Katie

Anyone have twins in one sac? I keep hoping they will find another yolk sac, but so far at 2 ultrasounds, there has been only one sac and yolk sac detected. I'm a little worried due to my internet research on monoamniotic twins, but I'm still hoping to find a dividing membrane sometime on one of my next ultrasounds.. Anyone have the same thing? I would love to hear your stories. Thanks and CONGRATS to all you twin mommies, hope everyone is feeling well!! :)

Jul 14, 2009
by: MamaKruse

Congratulations Audrea! I remember when my twins were just little peanuts like yours... now they are big peanuts --- I'm 21.5 weeks now and we just had another u/s done yesterday. With the new technology, we are able to see distinct facial features and they are both indisputably boys!

Jul 14, 2009
by: Audrea

Congrats on twins! I am also pregnant with twins (15 weeks). Hope to find out in August if boys/girls or one of each!! Due in Dec. hope all goes well-I had preeclampsia & HELLP syndrome with my first child (Jace 3 1/2 years old).

May 19, 2009
frat vs. identical
by: Mamakruse

I'd wait a bit longer, although if yours are different sexes, there's no need to wait. ours are in diff sacs and have two placentas as well, but the perinatologist told us there's still a chance they're identical. it depends on the timing of the egg splitting. i believe if it's in the first 2 or 3 days after conception then they are identical. look into it. at any rate, best of luck to you. we have our 12 week check up in about 2 hours! i'll check back.

May 18, 2009
a reply
by: Anonymous

my u/s tech in the doc office told me these were fraternal. they are in seperate sacks and have seperate placentas. she said it was like 2 diff pregnacies all they share is a belly. she said she also thinks that they are opposite sex too! i was 10 wks 3 dys when we found out.

May 18, 2009
reply to anonymous who posted 5/18
by: Mamakruse

Congratulations on your twins!!! How did you find out your twins are identical so early on?

May 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

Congrats.. I am also having twins with no history of twins in the family. Good luck with your pregnancy and hope to see more ultrasound pics. =)

Identical twins: Due November 10th

May 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

I'm also having twins and due in Dec...I was so surprised!!! We dont have twins either except a distance cousin on my husbands dads side!!! I found out at 5 weeks and 5 days, I am 39 and have two other kids...they are so excited!!!

May 14, 2009
thanks....congrats to the rest
by: Heather

THANKS! We are due nov 6th. still shocked but excited too!

May 05, 2009
by: Jennifer

Congrats! I am due the beginning November as well.. and am having twins and they do not run in my family either. The doctor says they are identical which makes since. Good luck and look forward to more pics.

May 04, 2009
by: Mamakruse

I'm 10 weeks with twins too! Maybe we can check back regularly with each other! I'm excited for you and the daddy.
My DH and I found out 3 weeks ago because I had some bleeding but it ended up being nothing to worry about, but had to get that u/s early. That's how we found out!

My best to you and your new family!

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