by Ashleigh

I have identical twin girls that are five now. I jsut would like to say, everyone who finds out they are having twins or a multiple pregnancy early are very lucky! It was about my third ultrasound, I was about 5-6 months pregnant before they found out I was having twins. During the ultrasound I wasn't really paying to much attention...having to hold going to the bathroom was more on my mind! The lady doing the ultrasound says she will be right back another person comes in and starts doing the ultrasound and asks me a few simple questions. One being, "do you feel bigger than your first pregnancy"? Which I did but I wasn't that much bigger! Then he says well, theres two in there. I was like, two of what? He said your having twins. I started crying because I didn't know what to htink or do being so far along only thinking I was having one!!

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May 07, 2009
Me too!
by: Laura

I also found out at my third ultrasound that it was twins! The second ultrasound I was told I was having a girl. So at my third ultrasound I was VERY surprised when the tech showed me that the baby was a boy. Then she says "Oh wait... there's another one." It's been 6 weeks since I found out and I swear I'm still in shock!

Apr 19, 2009
I found out early but...
by: Anonymous

I found out at my first ultrasound, 12 weeks, and I broke down crying. I was totally unprepared to hear that. I guess when ever you hear that there is more than one can be a real shock. I am 34 weeks now and I am still freaked out sometimes....

Feb 21, 2009
i had twins to
by: Anonymous

i didn'y find out i was having twins till i was 6 months pregnant my first sonogram but my ultra sound i heard 2 heart beats the doc siad it was the same heart they just moved around ,,

Feb 09, 2009
by: Brittany, expecting twins

this is NOT crazy i didnt find out until my 3rd ultrasound 4 of them is carmera shy is all... congratultions by the way...

Dec 15, 2008

by: Anonymous

That is crazy. how did they not see on the other ultrasounds?

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