by Rachel

do you see two?

do you see two?

I was in my 22nd week of Pregnancy when this 4d ultrasound was taken, what do you think twins or not?

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Aug 14, 2013
by: Anonymous

I only see one baby here

Dec 13, 2009
i dont know
by: Anonymous

that doesnt really look like a baby at all you may want to have a regular ultra again.

Nov 04, 2009
by: Carolyn

I have a son who was born 3 days b4 your baby.
I am also pregnant again and having dreams of twins

Nov 04, 2009
It was a Reflection
by: Anonymous

It was just a reflection... my daughter was born June 11th 2009, I am now pregnant again and have been having dreams about twins and so has the father. I am interested to see whether or not this will be twins or not, I am only about 4 weeks pregnant so I've got a little while before i go to the doctor for an u.s. or anything

Oct 29, 2009
by: C

Did you get your answer? was it twins or a reflection?

Mar 08, 2009
reflection or not?
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if it's possible for there to be a reflection off of the placenta in a 4D ultrasound?

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