Two Daddies

by Laura Therres
(Chilliwack, BC)

4 1/2 months old, Hailee & Logan

4 1/2 months old, Hailee & Logan

Question: Are they twins??

My answer: yes, but they have two seperate daddies.

That seems to get people thinking then I just walk away. haha


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Sep 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

there was also a situation i read about where the IVF place messed up and mixed up the test tubes or w/e (sorry not really sure about the whole IVF process so if I get details wrong Im sorry) but anywho the lady ended up having a black baby and a white baby. She and her husband were both white and both babies came out of her and were hers...and she didnt cheat on her was just a mix up at the lab. one baby was her husbands and the other was someone else who was in the clinic that same day. I think it happened in like Europe or something not really sure. saw an article on one of the twin pregnancy sites then googled and read it on the news

Jan 11, 2010
2 Dads can happen
by: Anonymous

Actually fraternal twins can have 2 different dads if the mom is very "busy" and releases 2 eggs that are each fertilized by different sperm. I know that's not the point here, but it is kind of interesting.

Dec 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

i have twins alsoand they ask me did you do the invitro i said no 1 of them knew how to multiply and he dive him self into 2 scause he dint wat to feel alone

Nov 17, 2009
Are they twins???
by: carol

My twin boys born 7/10/09 at 32 weeks are the center of attention when we go anywhere, and the first questions is are they response has ranged from No it was buy one get one free at the they are just the same na had one and the hospital gave me the other.....

Nov 10, 2009
by: Tracy

I have twins as well and I Constantly get asked if they are twins... I've often wanted to respond "No they are just the same age!" I laughed out loud when I read your response! Thanks for that~

Sep 18, 2009
by: Laura

No it's a joke .. How can twins have two differen dads??

Sep 18, 2009
Two Daddies
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry, but I am a little late on the discussion. Do the babies have different daddies? It is hard to believe, that look so much a like, or is that the point?

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