Two Little Beans

by Kryss
(Haddam, CT USA)

1st Look at my twins

1st Look at my twins

I was 1 month along when this was taken, surprise! It was twins. My HCG levels were high so we had a hint it may be twins, this was my 1st ultrasound and it was official.

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Jan 26, 2009
by: Anonymous

I am kind of freaking out because I thought I was 7 weeks pregnant last week and they did an ultrasound and found 1 sac with yolk but no embryo. DR think I might miscarry...Then yesterday I was in hospital with bad food poisoning and they did an ultrasound and found 2 sacs!! with yolks but no embryo. It is just a blank circle. Does anyone knows if it is possible at 7 weeks to see nothing? no embryo?

Nov 13, 2008
4 weeks-lol
by: Anonymous

just wanted to say I am an ultrasound tech and we can't see an actual baby at 4 weeks. So you were more like 6-7 weeks along.

Sep 04, 2008
fraternal or identical?
by: Anonymous

are these fraternal or mono/di????

Aug 13, 2008
Twins Too!!
by: Beth B.

Our ultrasounds look the same!! We found out on our 4th week, we too were completely surprised.I am 11 weeks now and go back tomorrow to hear their heart beats! Congrats on your babies!!

Aug 08, 2008
Congrats-tell me more
by: Anonymous

Congrats..... Did you have any early symptoms??

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